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    Bridget Wedding Planner Review(s)

    76 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    23 July 2018 | Bride at Adrian&Kezia Wedding

    Bridget -> Highly recommended

    Bu Yuli kerjanya super on point. Kemarin kita dibantu bridget untuk koordinasi D-Day. Bu Yuli bisa kasih rekomen vendor2 yang bagus dan inisiatifnya tinggi. Jadi bride ngga panik. cakep lah pokoknya mantabbb \ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb\ud83d\udc4d\ud83c\udffb
    17 July 2018 | Client at Handoko & Cherine Wedding

    Superrrrr Awesome !

    Recommended banget sama Yulia and team! Helpful sama mau dengerin client. Bisa kasih rekomendasi n saran yang oke punya. Pas hari H bagus koordinasinya. Big thanks buat Yulia cs!

    Vendor Reply

    18 July 2018
    Hi Cherine, thank you so much yaa...
    16 May 2018 | Bride at Sherly & Yuki Wedding Wedding

    Recommended! Overseas / International Couple Wedding Planner

    Dear Bridget Team (especially Ci Yulia) Both me and Yuki really thank you all for the amazing and great service before and during our wedding. It was great, both of our families was happy with your professionalism. It was start when we decide to have our wedding in Jakarta, we both using this bridestory platform to search and source information. I, who had zero knowledge and interest in wedding quite struggled to find the right vendors (to begin with I didn't even know which is good or bad), and Yuki who live in Tokyo, can't speak English nor Indonesia can't help me at all. We started to check every WO vendors we found on Bridestory and it turns out Bridget was the first one who replied to both of us (we used different account). One point for Fast Respond~! even Faster than a cup noodle! :) After the first meeting, half gambling we decided to deal with Bridget. Yeah we have zero knowledge after all, so we decided by Gut Feeling~! hehe Since I know almost nothing, Ci Yul is my only hope to help me decide on the other vendors. Really helpful , she introduced me to great vendors who match with my wedding budget. During the wedding day, yes this is the most nightmare part. Since the Groom family all pure Japanese, all first time to overseas and first time to Jakarta, Indonesia, can't speak English or Indonesia. You can imagine how hard it is for Bridget Team. Amazing, it was turns out well. There was panic time here and there though, but somehow, we did it. Special thanks to Silvia who accompanied me to Bridal with Groom mom and Granny, she tried her best to speak in Japanese to them during the make up time. Super helpful! in the end, both my families and Yuki families so happy. We are absolutely recommended Bridget Wedding Team for all of you bride and groom to be couples. Both me and Yuki guarantee even for overseas/ international with different languages, they can handle you well! Just trust them just like us. Special note from my mom : " Bridget really great WO! If I have so many kids, I will make sure all of the wedding will be planned by Bridget Team. Unfortunately I only have 2. Wait until Egi getting older and we will meet again !" Special note from Yuki : "結婚式の流れが最高です。日本人がいる中で、うまくコントロールして、良いシチュエーションの結婚式でした。ありがとうございました。"

    Vendor Reply

    16 May 2018
    Hahahaha... faster then boiling a cup of noodle??!!! So funny... thank you so much Sherly and fams especially your mom and dad. Both of them are funky. Thank you for your trust and off course I will help Egi through the nightmare of pre wedding day. Wakakakakaka... take care and see you soon in Japan
    11 May 2018 | Partnering Vendor at Wedding

    Fun, powerfull, helpfull

    Pertama kali ny project bareng di wedding an grace & andrew, Lalu berjumpa lagi di weddingan berikut nya di arryan & stefanie, dan yang terbaru di wedding yuki kida & sherly 3 kata buat bridget (yulia &team) fun, powerfull, helpfull..bukan cuma untuk bride&groom, family tapi buat fotografer & videographer, semua acara berjalan smooth tidak seperti dikejar-kejar sama waktu..meal for crew juga diperhatikan, dikasih roti sebagai breakfast buat kita hahahaha.. Keep up the good work..!!! Cheerss.. See you on another project... Mike su Mikesu picture

    Vendor Reply

    11 May 2018
    Hahahahahaha roti dibawa-bawa, gak elite bangeud dah
    30 April 2018 | Bride at Richard & Jennifer Wedding


    Hi Ci Yuli & Team! Makasih banyak untuk bantuannya dari awal persiapan sampai hari H selesai :D Hari H juga dari pagi sampai acara selesai semuanya berjalan lancar. Kak Damay yang dampingin aku juga sangat2 membantu! :) Puas banget sama kerja tim dari Bridget yang solid! You guys are really amazing team, thankyouu so much Sukses terus untuk Bridget. God bless.

    Vendor Reply

    30 April 2018
    Hi Jen, thank you untuk kepercayaannya kepada Bridget Wedding
    13 March 2018 | Bride at Bani & Shey Wedding

    amazing team work!

    Dear Ci Yuli, \n\nci..... super superrr superrrr thankyou so much buat bantuannya dari awal smpe akhir.. jd sedikit sharing ya aku dan suamiku bani *cie suamiii \uD83D\uDE04 wedding tanggal 11 February tp aku dealing vendor pertama kali ya sma ini Bridget jujur aja sblm ktemu ci yuli aku dan bani uda ktemu wo wo lain tp ga srek gatau knapa pas ktemu ci yuli di hari itu juga aku blg 'oke ini aja' yaaa and well aku pilih \"Bridget wedding planner\" yg ngurusin semuaaaaaa muanyaaaaa dari awal smpe akhir aku serahin ke ci yuli & team. oh ya ci yuli itu orgnya humble banget lhooo dia nemenin aku kemanapun kita mau ngurusin tentang wedding kita, suaminya pun (ko david) ikutan nemenin waktu itu \uD83E\uDD23\uD83E\uDD23 pkoknyaaa seru abis sma mereka apalagi pas hari H rasanya aku ga pengen berakhir hari itu. like princess hari itu hahaha seru abis ini team, ga nyesel, Care abisssd... love it! thankyou ya ciciiiiiii aku cinta kaliaaannnnn!!!! sebenarnya wedding nya uda lewat sebulan tp kalo disuruh tulis review about WO aku pasti excited bangettt hahahahaha loveyou lah pkoknya!!! they're the best! #BaniSherlyStory

    Wedding Planning

    What wedding planning services do you offer?
    1. Direct and Detail Discussion for wedding couple to be 2. Fast response for all activities 3. Provided template 4. Practical size of wedding book 5. Family handling if needed
    Do you support or cater to any specific religions?
    We support all religions. We have cater Christian, Catholic, Moslem and Buddha and hoping will cater Hindu in the future.
    What sizes of weddings have you coordinated in the past? Min? Max?
    Minimum: 80 invitations with 150 people. Maximum: 1,000 invitations with 2,000 people.
    How many weddings do you plan a year?
    30 weddings
    Do you plan weddings internationally?
    We used to serve our client in International way and also several of Traditional wedding. International Wedding is our main services but also ee serve the Indonesian Traditional Wedding. Located in several places also: wedding in Singapore, but mostly in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia
    How soon should I book your services?
    Soonest is the best, latest by 6 months prior Wedding Day
    What is required for booking your services?
    Approval of Agreement draft and both parties signature on the sealed agreement
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    Started an hour prior to make up session completion until the wedding reception accomplished as stated in invitation card, approx is 14 until 16 hours
    What sort of planning do you cover?
    Wedding styling and concept,  Budget preparation,  Detailed task checklist,  Venue selection,  Reception planning,  Rehearsal dinner planning,  Ceremony planning
    What is your primary expertise?
    Intimate wedding,  Grand wedding,  International wedding Traditional wedding, especially Javanese,  Cultural wedding International Wedding,  Religious wedding ceremony Catholic, Christian, Moslem and Buddha
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Yes Before sealed a deal, to achieve chemistry between wedding consultant and client (wedding couple to be)
    Minimum and maximum number of guests of a wedding you would coordinate
    100 to 2000 person
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Bali, Surabaya, Bandung and Singapore
    How far in advance should your client make a booking?
    The most ideal time for client to contact us, 3 - 12 months prior the wedding day
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    Started an hour prior completion of make up services until the wedding reception ended
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Cash
    What is your payment terms?
    50% Downpayment after signing contract 50% Repayment/settlement 1 month prior to wedding day
    When was your business established?
    Established in 2004 and going to public in 2011 by online marketing and viral
    What makes your services unique?
    1. Personal touch to wedding couple, 2. Chemistry between couple to be and wedding consultant needed. 3. Good motivation and idea for couple to be. 4. Fast response to complete the couple's need. 5. Mostly "after service" action which the wedding couple needed in the future.
    What service do you provide?
    Full planning
    Do you speak other languages should there be any overseas couple who wants to use your services?
    Yes English and Mandarin
    By appointment only 11470

    Established in 2004 and we are glad and blessed, we are keep growing. Our mission: serving the best for our wedding couple, make their wedding day beautiful as what they are dreaming off We serve all Indonesian city, especially Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. We have our representative partners in Surabaya and Bali that could make all preparation and coordination easier for our wedding couple.

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