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20,000+ wedding vendors

Find your vendors using our personalised recommendation based on your budget and preferences. We have 20,000+ wedding vendors from 26 categories to choose from.

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100,000+ Trusted Reviews

Read 100,000+ reviews from verified clients to know your vendors better.

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More Benefits with
Bridestory Pay

0% Credit Card Installment up to 24 Months

Enjoy 0% credit card installment program up to 24 months from 15 leading banks in Indonesia at no cost.

More Payment Options

Get the freedom to choose between different payment options available.

Easy & Secure Payment

Enjoy the convenience of booking and paying your vendors anytime, anywhere, with our easy and secure payment system.

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10 Million+ of
Wedding Inspirations

Browse through 10 million+ inspirations and connect directly with the vendors behind them. Organised your own inspirations by saving them to your own board.

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Personal Wedding Consultants, Ready to Assist

Use Hilda consultancy service to arrange your wedding from zero to "I do".
See some notable wedding planned by Hilda.

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Personal Wedding Consultant
Personal Wedding Consultant
Personal Wedding Consultant
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What They Said about Bridestory

“Bridestory Pay helps me to do transaction with the vendors although we are not in Jakarta”

Tasya Kamila & Randi

“The best part is the best deals that Hilda offers!”

Hamediana & Christopher

“A lot of useful information from Bridestory magazine that helped me in preparing my wedding.”

Riri Agustin & Dwikie Pinontoan

“I can find vendors informations without going outside. Helpful for those who have limited time due to a hectic day.”

Citro Utomo dan Bragita Gunawan

“I love that you can filter your search as specific as categories and colour theme you’re going for.”


“Bridestory Market is like Disneyland for bride-to-be.”

Raisa Andriana

“This is one stop solution for those who plan their wedding.”

Monita Tahalea

“Offers you complete list of vendors, so it is possible for the bride-to-be to check all her wedding checklist!”

Gita Savitri