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The Only Checklist You Need to Get Your Wedding Planning Started

Get the personalized wedding planning checklist for your wedding processions & cultural preference to enjoy more seamless wedding planning experience. It's free and 100% tailored for your wedding needs.

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Wedding Checklist

About<br><span>Wedding Checklist</span>

Wedding Checklist is a tool that will help you navigate through your wedding planning. This will answer all of your wedding planning questions about "What vendor to book first?" or "When should I book this vendor?" with its detailed and personalized to-do-list for you, because we understand that every wedding is unique and so is yours.

About Wedding Checklist

What You Can Do
with Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist Benefit 1

Personalized List

Tell us about your wedding procession & cultural preference by answering simple questions to get a 100% personalized pre-made checklist for you!

Wedding Checklist Benefit 2

Easy to Use

Use your checklist to onitor your progress, mark list as complete, edit, add, or delete any list as you need, anytime, anywhere at the tip of your finger

Wedding Checklist Benefit 3

Stay on Track

Keep your progress on track with a detailed list with estimated due month, so you will never miss anything in between.

Wedding Checklist Benefit 4

Keep Organized

Say goodbye to scattered notes & reminder because all you need is 1 Wedding Checklist to turn your wedding vision into reality.

Wedding Checklist Benefit

Getting Started

Wedding Checklist Step 1 01

Log in to your Bridestory account & tap "Wedding Checklist" menu

Wedding Checklist Step 1 02

Fill in a short questionnaire about your wedding plans. Please ensure your answer is right because this will determine your personalized Wedding Checklist later.

Wedding Checklist Step 1 03

After filling in the questionnaire, tap "Create Checklist". Voila, your personalized Wedding Checklist is ready to use!

Wedding Checklist Step 1 04

Start organizing your Wedding Checklist by edit, add, or mark list as done as you see fit. Enjoy the process and happy planning!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wedding Checklist?
Wedding Checklist is a to-do-list tool to help you organize your wedding planning easily. With this, you can manage your wedding preparation seamlessly for every processions you will have, from engagement to the D-day.
How to create my Wedding Checklist?
  1. Log in to your Bridestory account & tap "Wedding Checklist"
  2. Fill in a short questionnaire about your plans, including what kind of processions and tradition you will have. Your answers will determine your checklist, so please ensure your answers match with your wedding plans.
  3. After you fill in your answers, tap "Create Checklist". Voila, your personalized Wedding Checklist is ready to use!
  4. You can start organizing your checklist by editing, adding, deleting, or marking your list as done accordingly. Happy planning!
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Can I create more than 1 Wedding Checklist?
You can only have 1 Wedding Checklist which consists of several sections for your wedding processions (for example: engagement, traditional rituals, Akad Nikah, and reception).

If you want to add your own list, you can do either:
  1. Add a new section by clicking "Add New Section", then create new list for that section by clicking "Add New Checklist"; or
  2. Add new checklist in particular section you want by clicking "Add New Checklist"
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Can I delete my current checklist to create a new one?
You can create a new checklist by deleting your current checklist's sections one by one. After your checklist cleared up, click "Create New Checklist" to create a new one. Learn More
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Wedding Checklist FAQ