Hilda is a personal wedding consultant that helps you prepare your big day.
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What They Say
Sandra Dewi, Actress
Ade Nurul Safrina, Entrepreneur
Olivia Lazuardy, Fashion Blogger
Our Services
Timeline Management
Overseeing your wedding planning timeline
Best Deals Guarantee
Guaranteeing best deals for every transactions with vendor
Vendor Recommendation
Recommending, introducing, and scheduling meeting with vendors based on your style and budget
Budgeting & Negotiating
Helping you to manage your wedding budget by securing the best available rate
Special Deals
Offering special monthly deals
Featured Wedding
Featuring your wedding on Bridestory platform*
* Terms & conditions apply
** Hilda can accompany you to vendor meetings in Jakarta Area for up to 5 times max.
*** Hilda service only covers the wedding planning stage, which includes giving recommendations on wedding organiser for your wedding day.
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