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    Chere Weddings & Parties Review(s)

    8 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    26 December 2019 | Groom at Jon & Mel Wedding

    Highly Recommend! Probably the best decision we made for our wedding!

    Long post ahead, but if you don't get through it, the key takeaway is that we highly recommend Chere! Our wedding would not have been possible without the help of Herlina, Wei Wei, and the rest of the Chere crew. Given that we are based overseas, we decided that engaging an end-to-end wedding planner was the most practical thing to do, and our decision to engage Chere was possibly the single best decision we made as part of the wedding (besides saying “yes” to each other of course). Professionalism: Herlina and Wei Wei were incredibly professional throughout the course of planning our wedding. From the get-go, you could tell they were very experienced and came across as detail-oriented, which gave us full faith that the wedding would go smoothly (and it did!). They were very on top of the timeline leading up to the wedding; we both have crazy work schedules and had asked them to kick our butts when decisions needed to be made. They were very responsive to all of our questions, and very patiently and calmly dealt with a number of sensitive situations we threw their way. In addition, given the time difference, they also sacrificed some early mornings and odd hours to ensure that we had regular check-ins leading up to the wedding. Vendors: The first time we spoke with Chere, we communicated that what we'd love was for Chere to take care of all the research, narrow down options, then lay it out for us, so that we'd just have to pick 1 out of 3 options for each type of vendor. We're pleased to report they really delivered on this request. Herlina made the effort to first understand what theme/concept we wanted, before recommending options that would best address our preferences. What we appreciated the most was that Chere not only laid out the options for us, but also included clear tradeoffs for each vendor (because let's face it, you can't have everything). Chere works with a number of amazing vendors - photographer, videographer, florist, photobooth, etc. However, we didn't get the sense that Chere pushed for preferred vendors, but rather tried to find those that matched what we were looking for. Herlina then took ownership of the end-to-end vendor process, from meet-ups/Skypes to the contracts/agreements, and the coordination of the various vendors on the day itself. We genuinely would not have been able to manage all the vendors without the help of Chere. Concept/creativity: Herlina & Wei Wei helped us plan our dream wedding. They understood the concept that we wanted and worked with us to design the wedding layout, themes, color scheme, and program. In addition to that, they also contributed their experience to suggest modifications to our ideas when they weren't practical - they kept us grounded in what was achievable within the space, time, and budget. This is just the kind of wedding planner you need! One that doesn't overpromise and underdeliver. They also took feedback extremely well, constantly adjusting the concept and theme to ensure that our dream wedding became a reality. Wedding day: On the wedding day, Chere took charge and made sure that everything happened seamlessly. If there were any hiccups, we didn't know about it - they took all the stress off our shoulders which allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day. They worked extremely hard to ensure that the event ran smoothly, and all the plans we made came to fruition. We are so grateful that we had Chere with us the whole journey, through to the wedding day itself. Huge thank you to Herlina, Wei Wei, Sophia, Belinda, and the rest of the Chere team. Thank you for partnering with us and making the wedding happen! We highly recommend Chere to any couple out there looking for an experienced, meticulous, and responsible team of wedding planners. We don't think you'd get this much support elsewhere!

    Vendor Reply

    27 December 2019
    Dear Jon (and Mel), thank you thank you! It was really nice reading your message. We finally know how the planning journey was like from your side of the world :) We've enjoyed the entire process and we are glad to have been of great help throughout and to have been able to bring you guys some relief from the planning of the wedding. Thank you for tolerating and listening to us on Skype after work :') We also can't thank you enough for the trust you've placed in us and for giving us the space and time to work out the best plans and concepts for you both. We're so glad you chose to give us a shot! We are thrilled to have met both of you. Mel is probably one of the coolest brides we have encountered. (Her dad was talking to us with pride on his face when he shared about her) And Jon, the most reliable and meticulous groom we've met! You've set the standard very high, haha! Thank you once again for sharing this bit of your journey with us. We hope you've finally had some time to rest over the holidays. Your message really made our day - it felt like opening a present on Christmas day! :D
    Simin Lim
    16 September 2019 | Bride at Yj and Simin Wedding

    Highly recommended!

    We would most definitely recommend having Chère as your planners. They are without a doubt one of our best decisions made during the entire wedding planning journey. We made an enquiry in January 2018 and Chère has been nothing but professional all the way till our wedding last month. I was initially hesitant about engaging planners but looking back, I would have decided the same in a heartbeat. We engaged Chère for their entire suite of services from planning to coordination. Herlina was our main coordinator but we knew they worked tight as a team from the meetings we had over the last 1.5 years. The whole planning was enjoyable, and they had taken away so much of the stress that can come with planning such a monumental event. The team was with us every step of the way and they are extremely detail oriented, and completely patient with us. The decision-making process for vendors were made seamless, as they did the liaison work and summaries of the vendors were always clearly (and succinctly) presented to us. Given that there were so main minor details that we had to consider (and also didn't know of prior), Herlina also very consistently pointed out on items that we need to follow-up on. This was very much appreciated since things got a little overwhelming with concurrent home renovations that we were having. I also have to say they were creative in weaving in all the elements of our relationship as a concept for our wedding dinner and our guests loved it. We are really grateful to have Wei Wei, Herlina, Sophia, and Belinda with us on our actual day. We were so relaxed and we enjoyed the day so much because they took care of the entire day. We received many compliments on the wedding dinner and I can only thank Chere for running the whole event so tirelessly. Thanks again for being with us (for so long) and making it such a beautiful memory for us <3

    Vendor Reply

    17 September 2019
    Dear Simin, thank you for taking us with you and YJ on this planning journey! It has been a very inspirational one for us especially in the conceptualizing department. Both of you has such strong characters, assets and stories that we never run out of ideas of what we could propose for you guys. We hope that going through the process of designing and making your own wedding stationery will also spur you on to do more of such creative stuff in the future! Thank you for bearing with our constant nudging for the past 1.5 years too, we know it can get a little overwhelming especially with so much changes taking place in both of your lives. We pulled through and we really enjoyed ourselves putting everything together and seeing them actualize on the wedding day. It was a very memorable wedding for us and we hope it is the same for you too!
    13 July 2019 | Groom at MENG & WAI LEE Wedding

    Highly recommended; Great friends to have for your wedding!

    The short version is as the title indicates: I will highly recommend Chère. The long version will begin with one word that I think best describes our experience working with Chère: Camaraderie. By definition, it means “mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together”. My wife, Meng, and I signed up with Chère about half a year ago, not knowing what we are getting ourselves into. From then on, much time were indeed spent with Chère, in particular Sophia, who was our team lead. We basically had communications with her (for our requests and Chère's updates) a few times a week and meetings every fortnight. Most of the meetings were also attended by the other faces of Chère, including Wei Wei, Herlina, Berlinda, Joyce, and Pei Jun, which gave Meng and I great comfort and confidence knowing that we not only have one capable Sophia, but an entire team supporting our big event. From the contacts, Meng and I got to know the Chère team better, genuinely impressed by their professionalism and resourcefulness. Never have they disappointed us in our wishes for our wedding, or missing out what they have promised to deliver. Chère's creativity, patience, and passion in helping us to customize our wedding had often exceeded our expectations, and the team truly never stopped until Meng and I were pleased. We could feel Chère's attention in the success of our wedding, not unlike the concerns that a friend will show. In return, Meng and I developed true care for the wellbeing of Chère's team, making sure that they have eaten and not too hung up with our needs late at night; just like a friend would do too. Up till our wedding, I have enjoyed Chère's trust in us, helping us to cover costs upfront every now and then. I do not think many businesses will be up for such an arrangement, even though one may argue that it is necessary for a wedding-planning company. Regardless, it is this appreciation, to not exploit Chère's trust, that Meng and I made it a point to promptly repay our debts. Skipping to the wedding day, a bad news that Riceball, our beloved dog-hter, had gone missing from her boarding school! One can imagine our worries, but cancellation of the wedding was not an option. After all, more than half the guests came from overseas. So, the show went on, with Meng and I obviously distracted. Fortunately, we had the Chère team, who were especially calm in our time of crisis, so we just had to believe in the trusts that we had built up in them and follow their instructions. We were also very grateful for Chère team's ability to think on their feet, quickly adapting to our distress mood and adjusting our wedding program accordingly. The wedding wrapped up nicely, earning many praises from the guests and, more importantly, ran just the way we have wanted. Later, I also learned that Chère had helped to share the news of our lost dog with their network without us asking. I cannot think of another reason besides friendship that got them to take the initiative. Oh, and Riceball was found at about the end of the banquet, in case you are wondering. So, mutual trust, mutual friendship, built over a substantial period of time, all checked. Is camaraderie not just the right word for engaging Chère? On retrospect, Meng and I have certainly understood what we signed up for with Chère: Lists of vendors that are filtered to save our time, all chill no frill during setting up and tearing down, professional opinions to assist our every decision, just to name a few. All in all, Meng and I will recommend Chère in a heartbeat. If you are one who does not have a good idea for your wedding, find Chère; they will definitely be able to help you find the “voice” to your wedding. If you already have a good idea for your wedding, certainly find Chère; they will make sure your wedding goes as planned or better. Truth be told, now that the wedding is over, I actually felt that something is amiss without all the frequent discussions with Chère. I do look forward to any chance in the future when Meng and I can meet up with the team again, maybe for coffee or something.. only this time, we would not be talking about our wedding no more! Thank you so much, Chère, our wedding comrades! All the best in the business!

    Vendor Reply

    16 July 2019
    Dear Wai Lee and Meng, thank you so much for all the kind words! It once again reminded us of why we do what we do and we're glad we had the privilege of walking this part of your life journey together with you :) It was a joy for us to plan the wedding with you guys and the concern you've shown us throughout the planning process truly touched us. Camaraderie is also what we would think to describe this relationship as well! We were horrified to hear about Riceball the morning of the wedding but we're as relieved as you to learn that she has gotten back safely by the end of the celebration! She really knows how to make the day memorable for all of us, but her return was definitely the best way for us to end the night and for us to see you both go back to being the jovial and cheery Wai Lee and Meng again! Thank you once again for giving us the chance to celebrate with you both. We wish you a blissful marriage and we're also waiting for the arrival of the 8 kids! Hahaha
    Kristian Slamet
    27 April 2019 | Groom at Kristian & Claire Wedding

    Chere makes our wedding stress-free

    We highly recommend Chere team. They are very experienced in the wedding planning business, are thoughtful and they know how to get things done right. From designing the concept theme of the wedding to the event details, Chere gets everything right. Having them as your planners make the whole wedding planning process stress free and enjoyable, and overall your wedding is in safe hands. It is very enjoyable planning your wedding together with the Chere team, they will go beyond make your wedding magical.

    Vendor Reply

    28 April 2019
    Dear Kristian and Claire, thank you for this! And for letting us be a part of such a special day for you both and your families. It was a joy planning the wedding with you guys and it definitely was one of the more memorable weddings we've had the privilege of planning. Thank you once again and we wish you both a blissful marriage! :D
    17 May 2017 | Bride at Benjamin & Cindy Wedding

    Excellent Service

    Had the privilege of working together with the Chere team at our wedding and it was hands down, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was initially skeptical about hiring a team of coordinators, after all, I had about 80% of the wedding all planned out already. Decided to take the plunge as our wedding was a pretty big one and I figured I didn't want to be too stressed out on the wedding day. The team came in about a month before the wedding and I have to say, I felt a huge amount of relief the moment they came onboard. Herlina was in charge of our wedding and she is quite possibly one of the sweetest, patient, and efficient person I have worked with. Ben and I didn't have to worry about anything because we knew we were in good hands. On our wedding day, I remember telling her I wished I had a straw (so that I can drink my water), and she whipped out this straw from her bag LOL. And when I complained that my feet were aching, she has got gel insoles inside her bag ready for me to use. They aren't just co-ordinators, they are truly somebody who cares about you and your wedding day. As a team, yes, they may be young compared to others in the market. But I can assure you that this team has got the potential to grow into something big. Everyone on the team is passionate about what they do, and more importantly, they make you feel at ease. Thank you Herlina, Bendy, Weiwei and Vivian. I will definitely recommend them to my friends who are looking for planners/coordinators.
    Tey Siang Teo
    03 March 2017 | Groom at Tey Siang & Nari Wedding

    Wonderfully competent team

    My first meeting with Weiwei and her team, and the few days that followed, had left a strong and very positive first impression on me – that of a team that is close-knitted, very professional, and passionate about what they are doing. I'm glad my first impression wasn't proven wrong. Throughout my almost eight months long planning journey with them, Weiwei (our main contact) was always extremely responsive to our questions and requests, giving not just quick answers but well-thought suggestions catered to our needs. She and her team were also very good at anticipating our concerns, doing things in advance to ensure that we won't need to be burdened with last-minute worries. They are also a very personable bunch of people, balancing professionalism and quiet confidence in what they are doing with a good amount of fun and energy (Bendy was our emcee during the dinner reception and people took to him very well!). You really can feel assured that your event planning is in good hands, so much so that you may start getting too relaxed about your big day! We are very happy to have Weiwei and her team as a part of our wedding, and highly recommend them to anybody who needs guidance with not just making an event happen, but also creating an event that is tailored to your needs and wants and is a truly memorable one.

    Wedding Planning

    What service do you provide?
    Full planning
    What sort of planning do you cover?
    Wedding styling and concept,  Budget preparation,  Detailed task checklist,  Venue selection,  Reception planning,  Rehearsal dinner planning,  Ceremony planning, vendor sourcing
    What is your primary expertise?
    Intimate wedding,  Grand wedding,  Cultural wedding
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Minimum and maximum number of guests of a wedding you would coordinate
    10 to 1300
    Do you speak other languages should there be any overseas couple who wants to use your services?
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    South East Asia
    How far in advance should your client make a booking?
    The most ideal time for couples to contact us will be 10 to 12 months prior.
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    Full day as per required from start to end, can be up to 18 hours.
    Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards
    2015 & 2016 - Singapre Tatler Best of Singapore, 2014 - Spirit of Enterprise, 2011 - Successful Entrepreneur
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Cheques, Cash
    What is your payment terms?
    50% upon confirmation of services, 50% balance after the wedding
    When was your business established?
    What makes your services unique?
    Our team is made up of young, creative and dynamic individuals. We embrace individuality, and so we take into account every couple's unique traits and characteristics which we will then incorporate them into their weddings.
    6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #03-308 039594

    Chere is the word for “dear” in French. And that explains how we view every wedding that comes under our hands. Like how you would describe something close to heart, we see every planning journey of wedding services with us to be a path of dedication, authenticity and accountability.

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