A Laid Back yet Elegant Wedding in Chijmes

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"A good looking couple and definitely the kindest I have met so far," said Samuel of Pixioo Photography about today's couple, Ben and Samantha. Wanting to do away with traditions of a customary wedding, the couple broke away from what's common and created their own version of a dream wedding.

First and foremost, everything started at noon. This might come as shocking to other couples but Ben and Samantha along with all their family and friends didn't wake in the wee hours of the morning and got the rest they needed to get through the big day. "What better way is there than to spend this most important day of their lives, surrounded by their loved ones, without being confined by the limits of formalities and tireless schedules?" Samuel said. With the luxury and fluidity of time, the opportunities to build relationships, bond and share love notes were aplenty.

The couple replaced the traditional gatecrashing ceremony with banter over brunch, much to the delight of their friends. And after a leisurely prep session, bridal portrait session, the solemnization begun at 7 pm, immediately followed by the reception dinner. "There was a lot of emphasis on the reception, where exuberance, emotion and love converged. Exactly the moments I live for as a wedding photographer," Samuel shared. He then further spilled about the photo results, "I really love how everything turned out and how the emotions were conveyed through the pictures, which is possible due to the couple's trust to us."

Before closing the interview, Samuel left a tip for brides-to-be planning their wedding, "With more couples putting 'the experience' above all, tried-and-true traditions may just become a thing of the past. If you are not able to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. So take the risk, be bold and be prepared to be very pleasantly surprised." Take another look at the photos and don't forget to add ones you love to the inspiration board!


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