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Quick, Harmless and Fun Gatecrashing Game Ideas

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In Asian weddings, one of the duties that a bridesmaid squad has would probably be to arrange a gatecrashing session for the groom and his groomsmen. While there are lots of gatecrashing games or door games that can be conducted on the arrival of the groom's party, sometimes in reality there isn't much time for the bridesmaids to get this interesting session done properly. Consequently, this supposedly fun ice-breaking session becomes rushed and not that much fun after all. So, we have come up with simpler ideas and games to ensure everyone has a great time. Scroll right down to see the list of games which are easy to prepare, fun to watch as well as participate in, and will eventually break the wedding tension.

1. Mismatched breakfast

As the session usually takes place early in the morning, prepare the groom and his groomsmen an edible and interesting food as a starter. Then, ask them to finish the food but prepare an unlikely utensil to do it. For example, eating a whole orange with a chopstick or soup with a bread knife. Or, you can ask them to pick a utensil in the beginning of the game without telling them the purpose of their choice.

TIP: Don't prepare too many 'helpful' utensils, such as fork or spoon to make this game more hilarious.

2. Shake it off

Write down many different tasks as creative as you can on post-it notes. Then, stick them on the groom and the groomsmen. Within some time limit, the guys have to shake them off to avoid doing the task. They can work together to remove each other's post-it on their body, without using their hands or mouth.

TIP: Write easy, quick, but fun task for the guys. Like impersonating the bride or the groom, or citing an impromptu poem for the bride!

3. Yoga test

When it comes to flexibility, most guys are just stiff. So, the idea of having them striking some couple yoga poses as a morning exercise might be a little funny! Prepare some poses beforehand and try to not let them sweat too much!

TIP: Ask them to serenade for the bride while holding the pose!

4. Guess the smooch

This is one simple idea that can be prepared during the makeup time. Grab a piece of cardboard paper and have all the bridesmaids and bride kiss it. When he comes, ask the groom to guess which smooch is his bride's!

TIP: In order to make this guessing game easier, the bridesmaids can subtly hint the groom to find the one lipstick shade that isn't similar to the ones they wear.

5. Write me a love letter

Whether it's a poem or a lifetime promise, the groom has to seal it with a sign.

TIP: It would be sweeter if the bridesmaids design a personalized paper for this game.

6. A token of my affection

It's a hide and seek game where the bridesmaids will hide some items that hold memories of the couple. Let the groom reminisce and what story each item holds after the hunting session is done.

TIP: Bridesmaids can prepare another penalty if the groom remembered the story wrong!

7. Key to the door

There are so many fun ways to get the groom and groomsmen work even harder to attain the very last key. It can also be symbolic, like a password from the bride. Ask the bride to prepare a password that is related to the relationship, such as their first movie-date together or the bride's pet name.

TIP: To make it even more fun, prepare a series of password that will be a clue to the final password key!

An extra tip, it would be great if the bridesmaids arranged a list of games with the one the bride would love most in first priority. Later when the rundown of the event doesn't run as smoothly as expected, they can refer to this list and prioritize the ones on the top list. Finally, as the bride usually waits in a separate room when the games takes place, one bridesmaid can be designated to record the games or to make a video-call with the bride so she can enjoy it as well. Have fun!

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