10 Easy Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated

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It's very easy to get caught up on your wedding hype and think "this day is all about me". While a wedding is obviously centered on the bride and groom, remember that your guests also are there to celebrate your union while also enjoying a good time. It is also worth noting that your guests have spent so much on buying your gifts, getting new outfit, and trundled out to wherever your wedding is being held. So, be the good host and make sure your guests feel comfortable and appreciated, even before the wedding, with these few tips:

1. Provide detailed information – If you are holding a destination wedding, your guests need to know what they are up to. Some of these weddings can be held on a very remote place or even last for days. List detailed information and itinerary for each event so they would know where to go, what to bring, and how many days they are packing for. You can include these information using a booklet in the invitation or on your wedding website.

2. Welcome bagsWelcome bags are a great way to say "Thank you for coming to our wedding!" easily to everyone. This is especially true if you are hosting a destination wedding and your guests had to go the distance. Present them with the exotic trinkets and souvenirs the town has to offer. Maybe even add your own sense of personal touch like a calligraphy of their name or a little message. This will definitely bring a smile to anyone.

3. Relevant favors – Still on the subject of destination weddings; some requires guests to bring extra appliances. Beach weddings means flip-flops and sunblock, tropical weddings call for an umbrella and shades, and so much more. More often than not, your guests will forget some of the essential items for certain destinations. Offer them your own alternative to these articles through the wedding favors. Your guests will be relieved and love you even more for how thoughtful you can be.

4. Don't keep your guest waiting. – Some weddings most likely have more than an hour break between the ceremony and reception. Don't keep your guests waiting too long by taking too much bridal shots or touching up your makeup. We know it's your day but the last thing you want is your guests getting bored and decided to just call it a day. To tackle this, you can always provide finger food or refreshments so your guests can mingle as they wait. If you want, you can also provide games for the guests to play together like this couple here!

5. Providing kids' area – Kids really are truly precious little things, but let's face it; they can be really fussy when they're bored. Without a proper platform, these children will keep on nagging to their parents and hinder them from enjoying the celebration. Unless you're having a kid-free wedding, try to accommodate your guests' children by providing kids' area. Coloring books, sandbox, dolls and pillows, these are some of the things you can put there for the kids to play with. This way, the kids as well as their parents can truly have a good time!

6. Guest lounge – For a standing reception with plenty of guests, adding a lounge space to your reception makes complete sense. Not only it is pretty and can accentuate your wedding theme, it's a perfect space for those with killer heels, people who danced their feet off, and for generally tired guests that are looking for a place to rest.

7. Be smart with your seating arrangements. Open seating may be fun, but the pressure of having to save seats for their family and friends are not. Not to mention if there are no seats left and they have to join complete strangers that all came together. Plan your seating where your friends and your partner's friends can mingle without feeling like a complete outsider. Also keep in mind; don't seat the elderly near the speakers, keep children near their parents, and feuding guests apart from each other.

8. Have a variety of meal options. – Take your guests dietary needs into consideration when deciding the wedding menu and have at least one or two vegan option and a few different mains. It is also a good gesture to provide information if the food you're serving contains allergy-prone ingredients such as nuts, lactose, or seafood. You don't have to write down all the ingredients, just place little logo next to the menu so your guests are aware of what goes into the food.

9. Plan a few surprises. – Keep things exciting for your guests by adding a few extra surprises to your reception. Photo booths are always proven to be a crowd pleaser. Open mic karaoke is also one way to keep things alive. You'll be treated to some amazing and even hilarious solos that will keep your guests involved. Inviting some entertainers is also a great alternative. A mini musical performance, stand-up comedy, or performance by the bride and groom are some great ideas you can consider.

10. Address problems positively. – If you find yourself in a wedding day emergency, do not throw a fit and create a scene. It will only put all your guests in an awkward position. Instead, talk it out. Maybe your cousin drank too much and is behaving childishly. Keep your composure, talk to someone you can trust, and figure out a way to establish the situation the best way.

What would you do to make your guests feel appreciated? Tell us in the comment box below!


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