On the Menu: Tasty Little Canapés

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Other than witnessing their loved-one starts the journey of happy-ever-after, the wedding guests secretly hope for amazing food. Whether you are planning a cocktail-party or dinner wedding reception, it is always nice to pull of an exciting set of menus for your guests – and one great party start-off is the passed-bites of canapés.

A Bite of Heaven

Canapé is a small decorative food, held in the fingers and eaten in one bite. Served as appetizers, canapé usually consists of a small piece of bread or cracker with cheese, meat, or fish on top of it. As small as they might be, canapés are the significant role in wedding menus. While your guests are waiting for the main wedding meal, serving canapés will allow people to mix and mingle as they enjoy the little bites of heaven, served by the waiters or waitresses.

Serving Canapés

The main idea is to serve 5 canapés per hour for each guest – and normally, people will grab one canapé every 12 minutes, for example: for a one and a half hour reception with 80 guests, you'd want to prepare 8 choices of menus so that each guest will get 7 canapés.

For choosing the menus, the perfect canapé menu has a balance of flavors, bases, colors and textures. Serving a good mix of vegetarian, cheese, fish, and meat is the key – regardless of the dietary inclinations of your guests; and while you love to serve unique kinds of canapés, always include a few kinds that your guests will easily recognize and be comfortable with. At the last hours of the party, you can serve couple of sweet canapés as dessert and also a signal that the celebration is about to finish.

Keep in Mind

Avoid serving messy canapés that are hard to eat or greasy ones that will spoil the guest's outfit or tableware with stains. You should also adjust the canapé menu according to the theme and season of your wedding day. Lastly, spend a minute to enjoy some of the canapé yourself as a few canapés will give you extra energy to go through the rest of the party.


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