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About Rockologist
At Rockologist we believe that a wedding ring should define who you are and far from mass factory production. Thus here, we only offering you custom hand-made product by order, which make yours is jus...
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What kind of jewelry do you offer?

Wedding bands/ rings,  Engagement rings, Best at Rustic & Rough Finish Hand Made Jewelry Artworks

Do you provide catalog or custom jewelry?


Do you provide certification (i.e GIA)?

Rockologist Certification & GIA Members Gems Laboratory

Do you offer a payment plan?

please contact us for further details.

Do you provide after sales services?

absolutely. We have what we called as "Satisfaction Warranty". Means if somehow you need adjustment or revision to fulfill your satisfaction, we will do it for free.

For rings, do you have size adjustment services?


Is there a minimum order requirement?

there isn't.

Do you provide services in other cities or countries?

our workshop currently only available at Yogyakarta. But we do ship to other cities.

Do you ship worldwide?

please contact us for the details.

How far in advance should your client make an order?

2-3 Months before the due date will be good.

What makes your product and services unique?

- We are 100% Custom Hand Made per Order, so it's literally impossible you get same ring with other couple. - Satisfaction Warranty, whenever you need adjustment to make you even more satisfied with our works, we will do it immediately for free. - Affordable, we don't held fancy store in expensive dept store with high class celebrity endorsement, so you don't have to pay for our marketing cost, you pay only for the diamonds and the artworks we put into your knot. - Authenticity Guaranteed, we do honest business, not a scam, we will explain every material use in your jewelry thoroughly, from it's weight, dimension, and fineness. And we also test the diamond to GIA Members Gems Laboratory. So you will get Certificate from Rockologist and also Gems Laboratory Report for the diamond. - Free 1x Replating Service, anytime you feel your jewelry need to be renewed, just send it back to us, we will do Replating Service for you, it will cost 100k Rupiah per Ring, but you get 1x Free of Charge. And you know what? You can even change the color and the texture while you Replating your jewelry! Never feel bored. - Worry Free Shipment, every shipping cost and RISK that might occurs during shipment process are Rockologist's responsibility.

What payment systems are available for your business?

PayPal, Cash, Bank transfer

What is your payment terms?

50% downpayment needed to start the projects that have been discussed, and other 50% after the projects are done.

When was your business established?

Late 2015.