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About Project Mainichi
Sunter 14350

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Wedding Shoes

What service do you provide?

Custom made shoes, Ready made shoes, Designer shoes

What type of shoes style do you specialize in?

Classic, Glamour, Cultural , Other

How long does it take in general for your client to receive the final shoes?

Sepatu akan diterima 1 bulan dari pengukuran

What makes your services unique?

Kami menggunakan bahan kulit asli dan berkualitas dengan "Handmade Shoes" dan Grooms bisa request model yang diinginkan,selain itu tingkat kenyamanan kami jamin.

How far in advance should your client contact you?

Waktu terbaik adalah 2-3 bulan dimuka,karena kami akan mengadakan pengukuran pada kaki client.

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