Vendor of the Week: Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography

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As a photographer, Sotiris Tsakanikas pays special attention to candid moments, the kind of details that might be overlooked by some. "I'm always touched by manifestations of love, not only when people are seen in public, but when they share heartfelt, original moments with their family, friends, and loved ones," Sotiris explained. "It's important for me to peek into moments that might have gone amiss, because they tell the story of who we are and how life is," he continued.

Surprisingly, Sotiris studied a completely different subject matter, that of science, before becoming a professional film photographer. "Fine art photography was my decompression zone, a means to meditation, if you will," he explained. Yet the more he took photos, the more he realized his true calling as a photographer. "What was initially a meditative process transformed into further study, then into personal necessity, and eventually into my line of work," said Sotiris.

Throughout the years, Sotiris's warm personality has allowed him to develop genuine relationships with the couples he photographs. In return, it enables him to capture authentic emotions and experiences as well as guide couples comfortably into locations and moments that render bright, artistic images as a result.

Working as a wedding photographer naturally aligns with Sotiris's philosophy, which is to stick to the essentials, photographing every moment as it is. "So far, my journey has been a wondrous one; it is a course that has kept me awake at nights, sometimes puzzles me, and has brought me shivers of joy, and it is worth every single minute, expense, and effort," he explained.

His journey doesn't stop at photographing people. In fact, Sotiris has also established The Secret Owl, a series of hands-on workshops for photographers who wish to expand their range and build their personal strengths along with powerful portfolios. "Sharing knowledge and finding our own voice is key for anyone who wishes to become successful," he said, "In the long run, there is more to one's work than just business. I have been rewarded with great collaborations and strong friendships that are sourced from doing what I love the most."

Scroll further down to see Sotiris Tsakanikas' lovely portfolio.


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