Things to Consider When Getting Married in a House of Worship

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Every couple must want their wedding ceremony to be as sacred and as solemn as possible. Holding it in your usual house of worship is one great way to do it, while maintaining consistency and balance with the wedding reception that's to come. However so, holding a wedding ceremony in a house of worship might have more rules and limitations you have to adhere to.

If you choose practicality over anything else, go for partner vendors that are appointed directly by the ministry. These vendors are those who have attained official certification for having undergone special training on certain aspects of religious settings. However, if you already have a particular vendor that's not a partner or if you want to tweak and personalize some of the procession details, we've set up a short list of details you should communicate with the ministry. Take notes on these things below and you will definitely have a smooth celebration.

1. The type of flowers permitted

As a major component in wedding decorations, the presence of fresh flowers could easily beautify the entire room. Additionally, each flower has its own meaning that can create a distinctive wedding nuance. However, some religious buildings have their own rules when it comes to selecting the type of flowers that are allowed to be displayed and worn by the bride and groom. One factor to consider is an allergic reaction that may occur if you choose a flower that has quite strong aroma. Also, don't forget to check whether the type of flowers you choose can withstand the room temperature and consider choosing fresh flowers that will last longer in non-air conditioned rooms.

Due to budget constraints, a lot of couples settled with a mix of artificial and fresh flowers or artificial flowers altogether. Though it's more economical, some houses of worship do not allow wedding decoration using artificial flowers. So, check on their policy first regarding this matter to prevent any unnecessary stress in the future. Another thing you need to consider is how much decoration you can apply to the venue. For Christian couples, do make sure if it is permissible to place decorations that exceed the height of the altar.

If the house of worship does not permit any kind of additional decor, tackle this by decorating a room or corner in the venue that will be a photo spot for the ceremony.

2. A specific floor plan

Ask your decorator for a detailed layout and communicate this with the ministry. Sometimes the ministry have a specific layout for weddings so be sure to disclose yours properly to avoid any inconvenience on the day. Don't forget to pin point essential items and locations such as the altar, the couple seat, parents' seat, guests' seat, and any other things that might be important to the whole process.

3. Personalized wedding details and procession

Personalization indeed makes a wedding so much more intimate, but it might not be the right call especially when your house of worship has strict guidelines. Before you go ahead and change the rundown, or write your own wedding vows, always reconfirm to the ministry. If they decline the changes, we think it's best to not fight on this matter. Any conflict with any parties is something no one wants during the wedding day. So we suggest to pick your fight and just go with the flow. Find a replacement to your desired personalization elsewhere. For instance, if you can't state your own wedding vows, take the vows and have them displayed as part of the decoration.

4. Selection of wedding songs

Wedding songs are definitely a big deal. The sacred momentum will surely become more intense if it's accompanied by the right musical arrangements. Make sure you refer to songs that can be prepared by the choir and also permitted to be sung on your wedding procession.

5. Additional activities

Balloon or dove release, champagne pop and drone video might be prohibited by some houses of worship. So again, ensure you have the permission before you put them in your rundown.

Even though it was created for good intentions, some balloons that eventually fell into the sea could badly impact the marine ecosystem and might even cause extinction. It goes the same with the dove release, which has also been criticized when practiced without in-depth exploration. As said by experts, this activity should be carried out with an evaluation of the bird's ability to feed and breed in the wild. They are also concerned about the birds' conditions after being released, such as the possibility of crossbreeding and the spread of disease or parasites. Based on these facts, some religious leaders participated in preserving nature that resulted in the prohibition of such activities in the house of worship.

As for drone usage, the ministry sometimes would need to get permission from the local neighborhood regarding this matter, so check first with your photographer.


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