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How to Efficiently Plan a Wedding in Less than 6 Months


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With less than 6 months, you need to quickly arrange every single thing needed for your wedding. The key to pull this off is by not letting yourself get into panic mode. Just remember that many people have successfully planned their wedding this way before, even in just 3 months. Don't worry; we have some guidelines to assist your short wedding planning along with a handy printable timeline made special for a last-minute wedding. Read through it and get yourself ready to start this exciting planning for the most important day of your life.

Tips to get organized

Start by jotting down all the ideas you have in mind about your wedding. You have to write them all out in detail: your wedding theme, whether it is elegant or rustic; your wedding color palette; and how you want your wedding vibe to be like, casual or formal. After that, use our printable timeline below to keep your planning process in-line with your schedule. If you are a tech savvy, you can organize it in your smart phone which has many apps which will help you with this task or if you are more to a handmade person, you can write it in a binder.

Try to arrange your to-do list according to your preference. One way is to sort your to-dos by priority, noting down what you have to do first at the top of the list, followed by the rest. Another way is to try color coding for different departments. For instance, pink for decorations, brown for catering, purple for invitation, and so on. No matter which way you choose, make sure it's the one that will simplify your wedding planning agenda.

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Tips on finding vendors on short notice

According to Stephanie from Juzzon Productions, a Jakarta-based professional wedding planner, newly-engaged couples have to deal with the most important thing first, which is the wedding venue. After that, find a wedding organizer to help you prepare your wedding needs. Then, check the availability of your favorite makeup artist, wedding dress designer, and decorators. Bear in mind that when you have settled on your venue, the rest of your list can be managed a lot easier.

Another trick that might be useful with so little time is to put your personal connections to use and ask around for good vendors that are still available. Who knows, you might get lucky enough to score your favorite vendors if their clients decided to change their wedding dates.

How to Get Things Done Faster

With no time to waste, remember to focus on the most time-consuming aspect of the wedding, which are the things that usually take up most of the planning process or elements that need some time to be ready. Here are some tips on how to get these things done faster so you can move on and work on other areas.

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All the most-wanted ballrooms and venues might be fully booked by this time. Don't worry, there's still another way to fix this. If you have a particular venue in your mind, be flexible with the date and time. Instead of having a wedding on the evening, why don’t you have a daytime wedding? If you or any of your relatives have a spacious beautiful backyard or garden at home, why not get married in your own house?

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The Do's and Don'ts for Short Wedding Planning

So little time, so much to do! Keep in mind of these things to help you get through the wedding planning period without stress and anxiety.

Do: Be flexible

With such a short time in your hands, you would need to negotiate. Although you might end up not hiring your favorite vendors, you can still ask them to refer to other vendors they know well. They will surely be happy to help you.

Don't: Take every matter into your own hands

Asking for help from your surroundings should be the first thing you do. Unless you're opting to elope, don't tire yourself by doing everything on your own.

Do: Stick to your schedule

Try to be strict with your own agenda and keep track of things that you have and haven't done. You need to always have a check list. Print out the timeline we shared with you to help you stay in-line with the planning process.

Don't: Have too many options

Don't bother opening yourself up to every choice available. Narrow down what you need and don't need, like and don't like. The key to this is sticking to the wedding theme you have chosen in the first place and separating things that are unrelated and unnecessary.

Do: Cooperate with your vendors

Listening to the pros might be your best choice in this critical planning time. They must have faced this situation many times before and will know the best way to get your wedding planning done in time perfectly.

Don't: Ask for too much advice

This is the best time to make decisions quickly. It's good to hear others' perspectives, but listening to too many opinions will only confuse you. So, decide clearly what you want, for example, how your dress will look, and ask only few people to help you. The faster you decide, the more time you will have to double check other things.

Do: Listen to your closest ones

Your closest relatives and friends are the best helping hands you can ask for. As they know your condition more than anyone else, they can surely help you get everything you need and ease your stressful wedding planning.

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