An Elegant White Wedding with a Rustic Twist in Bandung

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Devina and Gerry met in elementary school 16 years ago. At that time, it was puppy love. After years of losing contact and taking different paths, fate brought them together once again. "Last year he reached me out of nowhere. We got closer by the day and fell in love one more time," Devina reminisced. There wasn't any romantic proposal or the sort as the couple wanted to get married as soon as possible from the start of the relationship. "However the situation wasn't as easy as we thought as we didn't have my parents' blessings for the relationship. We always believed that God will provide a way and He did. My father suddenly gave our marriage plans a go. I guess in this case, my father is the one who proposed!" the lovely bride added.

The couple had always dreamed to have an intimate rustic wedding and luckily for them, Gerry found the perfect venue. "We finally agreed to host an outdoor wedding in mid-November. It's great risk on the weather but we were all hoping for the best," Devina shared. Unfortunately, what they feared the most happened, heavy rain with flooding which caused traffic jam everywhere in the city. "I remembered our wedding organizer informing us to stay longer at the hotel as the waters flood on the main street of our hotel. My heart sank. I felt so nervous for our ceremony was just hours away," reminisced the bride. Gerry remained calm and reminded her that everything will be okay. In the end, they managed to get to the ceremony site in time. "I feel so blessed that all our guests were there despite the bad weather. One down, one more to go!" said the bride.

On the way to the reception, the couple was shocked with yet another news. "Gerry told me that our wedding decoration has been destroyed by the wind. When we arrived, it was a total mess," Devina said. Gerry decided to open the indoor area and all the vendors worked their hard to prepare everything on time. "Right before the reception started, everything was ready. "All our guests came with a smile on their face and yes it was a fun night!" Devina enthused. "I thank God for all the vendors and family who made this magical night happen. We will cherish this day that taught us to always be grateful no matter how hard or impossible the situation may seem," she enclosed.

Looking at the photos by The Wagyu Story, you wouldn't have thought that a storm happened prior to the celebration. The whole project turned out to be a great experience for the photographer too! "We loved how Gerry and Devina handled their emotions and stayed positive despite every unexpected thing that happened that day. We loved working with them and from day one they remind us that true love does exist," the photographer said.

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