An Elegant Javanese Wedding with Earthy Color Palette

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Rodra and Nadia met while pursuing their master's degree in 2013. From the start of the relationship, Nadia had known that they were both very different people. "We have different approach and personality, but that never stopped us from being together. It's quite cliché, yet it is the differences that helped us understand each other better. Instead of treating it as an obstacle, we decided to embrace it," Nadia shared. "The first six months were hard. We really tried our best to find balance in the relationship. Yes there were tears, but it was all worth the effort, struggling with someone you're deeply in love with," the lovely bride added.

It wasn't always hard, however. Sometimes the differences bring its own perks for the relationship. One of which is the couple's driving habit. Rodra dislikes repetitive activities as he's easily bored, which is why he doesn't like driving. But that's not the case with Nadia, who enjoys her time behind the wheel. So even though she drives more often during the relationship, it never becomes an issue. It's even a blessing in disguise for the couple.

On the wedding day, Soehanna Hall was already decorated with greeneries and lush flower arrangements that added a natural ambience to the whole occasion. The bride herself was finely dressed in a white kebaya while her makeup and paes by Iie Rianti made her look like a Javanese princess. For the reception, the couple chose quite a different look. Rodra switched his beskap with a gray suit while Nadia put on a dress-like kebaya which earthy color paired perfectly well with her husband's suit.

Through the photos taken by Kimi and Smith Pictures, you can easily see how beautifully elegant the wedding was. Even with all their differences, they pushed through and now their wedding was just breathtaking. "From day one, we agreed to pursue happiness. We have to make sure that all life's decision will lead to more happiness. That's why we decided to get married, to make us happier than we ever before," Nadia said, closing the conversation.


  • Hair & Makeup: Iie Rianti MUA
  •  | 
  • Venue:

    Soehanna Hall

  •  | 
  • Photography:

    Kimi and Smith Pictures

  •  | 
  • Decoration & Lighting: Every Decoration
  •  | 
  • Dress & Attire: Rumah Kebaya & Wedding Gallery
  •  | 
  • Men's Formal Wear: Initial D
  •  | 
  • Wedding Planning: Lembayung Organizer
  •  | 
  • Invitations: Erza Taufiqurrakhman
  •  | 
  • Entertainment (Music): Agus Syarif Band
  •  | 
  • Favors & Gifts: La Voux Project
  •  | 
  • Wedding Shoes:

    Mario Minardi

  •  | 
  • Flowers: Every Decoraton

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