A Sweet and Eclectic Garden Wedding

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Mishella and Oscar have long dreamt about a simple wedding in which everyone was fully connected. "I don't want thousands of guests that I don't even know. I prefer having a bunch of my closest friends with whom I can really share my happy moments," Oscar said to me some years back. This vision was exactly realized on their wedding day, which to me, was an accurate depiction of their personalities.

A sweet and simple garden party was the vision set by the couple for this wedding. Six months prior to the wedding they started crafting mood board, creating color schemes and scouting for potential vendors. "We had our eyes on a few venues but they were all out of budget. Until finally, 4 months before the big day, my dad came across this hidden place. It was the garden of a private residence, which was perfectly beautiful and perfectly in budget as well!" Mishella reminisced. "Interestingly, my dad -who was against us having an outdoor wedding, was the one who suggested the place. After scouting the venue together, everything just felt right," she added.

Another thing that struck me as unique is their choice of wedding attires, which surprisingly, had no detailed mood board whatsoever behind it. "I just told Mitha of Hlaii that we loved everything Japan and that we let go of the reins so she could create freely. The results were divine. We got so many praises and when Mitha came to the wedding, she couldn't held back her tears as well!" Mishella shared. The couple also ensured that the wedding had as much personal touch as possible. Friends contributed beautiful artworks to be displayed as part of the decoration, a poem hand-caligraphed over fabric was also present to make everything so much more intimate. The DJ, photographers and wedding organizer were all friends of the couple and as a wedding favor, they hand-painted wooden spoons with abstract patterns, each one different than the other.

As if all the beautiful details weren't enough, the affair was also filled with wondrous moments. "The weather got us quite stressed as a week before the day it kept raining every single day. Our families panicked and suggested that we rent a tent, which was out of our budget. So we just believed in God, hoped for sunshine, and if it rains we'll dance in the rain," Mishella recalled. On the day, clouds rolled in and thunders clapped. Yet right before the reception started, the sun shone bright. "We truly believe it is God's work," said the bride. As the night unfolds, the celebration got warmer. Oscar wrote and sang a song for his bride and the guests danced away with the couple. Even when the soil was muddy due to rain the night before, the guests didn't seem to care and just had fun; it was beautiful.

For brides-to-be planning their wedding, Mishella shared bits of advice, "Getting married is not about how beautiful your wedding is to others, but how you appreciate your guests. And try to enjoy the process. It's too easy to quit when facing obstacles during wedding planning but if we had the right response and just surrender to God, everything becomes easier. Finally, a wedding party doesn't always have to be expensive. You can make a wedding beautiful and elegant without spending big bucks. And don't be ashamed with what you have as there are plenty of other things waiting after the big day. Be wise!"

Before closing the interview, I asked the couple to tell me about their wedding proposal. Mishella laughed and said, "It was done at my house, on my birthday, after 7 years of dating. When he asked, I hadn't even showered! I guess 10 years of knowing each other made us comfortable enough to be ourselves." Take another look at their wedding and add photos you love to the inspiration board!


  • Venue: Private Residence
  •  | 
  • Catering: Parsley Catering
  •  | 
  • Wedding Planning: Fe Entertainment
  •  | 
  • Hair & Makeup: Raisha Monianti
  •  | 
  • Photography: Kaldera Pictura , Fadli
  •  | 
  • Dress & Attire: Hlaii , My Bridal Gown
  •  | 
  • Wedding Shoes: Charles & Keith , Doc. Marten
  •  | 
  • Men's Formal Wear: Hlaii
  •  | 
  • Videography: Rieska , Gary Sangitan
  •  | 
  • Invitations: Roots & Co.
  •  | 
  • Entertainment (MC):

    Demas Ryan & Lasting Moments Entertainment

  •  | 
  • Entertainment (DJ): DJ Dhydha
  •  | 
  • Health & Beauty: My Nails
  •  | 
  • Others (Unique Services):

    La Vie Calligraphy

    , Artwork by: Melfri Gazza, Gerson Gilrandy
  •  | 
  • Decoration & Lighting: Kimikayo Decoration

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