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7 Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Day


Your wedding is one of the biggest and most expensive days of your life. Studies show that couples who spend less money on their wedding have a more successful first year of marriage, and are more likely to still be married by their 10th anniversary. Probably, because less debt equals fewer financial troubles.

Here's how to start your journey together off on the right foot:

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1. Forget the big dinner, focus on the civil ceremony instead

Let's face it, a big, traditional dinner will be a huge expense. While you might think that you will recoup your expenses by getting lots of fat ang pows, it almost never works out that way. Keep it simple and head to the Registry of Marriages instead for a civil ceremony. Follow it up with an elegant brunch or cocktail reception or just head to your favorite romantic spot for a bottle of bubbly to seal the deal.

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Photography: Peter & Veronika from Vintage Garden French Wedding

2. Walk down the aisle and straight to the reception

Yet, due to family pressure or other reasons, you might still have to throw a big party. Instead of having a huge banquet at a hotel, save yourself the money by holding both your ceremony and reception at the same venue. Many venues have multiple spaces that can be rented in tandem, or you can get creative with an outdoor wedding on the grounds followed by dinner and dancing inside. Be creative! Why not rent a posh house on Sentosa Cove for the whole thing?

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3. Time your wedding just right

Avoid peak months, such as the school holiday months of June, November, and December, which are very popular for weddings. Not only will it be easier to set a date, you won't be competing with everyone else for the top photographers, florists, caterers, and other essential vendors. Other tips include avoiding the period after Chinese New Year (guests will have ang pow fatigue) and National Day (downtown traffic will be a nightmare, but the fireworks will be spectacular).

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Photography: Axioo from A Flowery Moroccan-Inspired Wedding in Bali

4. Reuse a vintage dress

Custom wedding dresses can cost an arm and a leg. Why not upcycle a vintage gown into something entirely your own. Look through family heirlooms, scope out thrift stores, or surf online to find something that can be tweaked by a good seamstress into something that will bring out your best. Not only will it save you some money, upcycling is kind to the environment as well. Alternatively, you can also grab a bargain here.

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Photography: Iluminen from A Traditional Javanese Wedding with Shades of Green

5. Print your own invitations

You can easily print, package, and send your invitationsyourself in as little as a few hours! Gather your girlfriends together to help you perfect your wording, stuff envelopes, and lick stamps with a bottle of your favorite bubble and make a date out of it.
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6. Make DIY wedding favors

Instead of handing out expensive trinkets that will only end up gathering dust on your guests' shelves for the rest of eternity, why not make your own wedding favors? Think sweet things like homemade jams or chocolates that are easy to make and appealing to all. Turn it into a fun night in and invite your bridal party or family for a fun evening of baking and crafts.

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Photography: Erika Gerdemark from Ethereal Ballroom Wedding with Shades of Dusty Blue and Gold

7. Grow your own bouquet

If you give yourself enough time, you can grow a flower bouquet in a pot or two on the balcony. Delicate and understated azaleas, bold dahlias, and silky peonies all grow well in container gardens. Roses, snapdragons, and sunflowers also grow well under full sunlight. Talk to an expert gardener to make sure that you get a variety that will be in bloom by your wedding day.

Your big day shouldn't leave you with a big headache and a bigger credit card bill. These ideas are just a few of the thousands of smart and thrifty ways you can save while still throwing the wedding of your dreams. Saving money doesn't have to mean popsicle stick decor and a buffet of cucumber sandwiches, it can be every bit as gorgeous and glamorous as you pictured as a girl.

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