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5 Best Hotels in Indonesia for History-Loving Couples


Apart from the beauty of its nature across the islands, Indonesia is rich in cultures and history. Enjoying the tropical beauty is one thing, but now we are opting for the places that infuse beauty, cultures, and history at the same time. So, here are 5 historical hotels in Indonesia that will give you amazing honeymoon experiences.

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Photography: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta

Recently renamed as Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, this hotel first operated in 1962, initiated by the first president, Ir. Soekarno. It was prepared as the place to stay for state guests or state dinner – and right in front of the hotel stands the statue of “Selamat Datang”, intended to welcome the guests on the occasion of the 4th Asian Games. There are countless of international head of states that had stayed and enjoyed the state dinner at Hotel Indonesia. Now you can also stay at the heart of Jakarta in this luxurious hotel and learn more about the capital by visiting museums and galleries nearby.

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Photography: Hotel Majapahit

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