21 Beautiful Photos of Women in Kebaya and Traditional Attires

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Kebaya and traditional attires have never gone and will never go out of date. Its beauty and authenticity can always make any wedding a momentous occasion. Aside from the traditional attires of each culture, kebaya is one of Indonesia's most adored heritage. As time passes, it still remains the go-to look for traditional weddings and even more so with variations inspired by the latest fashion trends. So today we've gathered 21 beautiful photos of women looking pretty in kebaya and traditional attires, to celebrate Raden Ajeng Kartini, Indonesia's heroine of women empowerment. Take a look at these ideas and don't be afraid to use them as ideas for your own traditional wedding!

  • Photography: Morden - Reza Prabowo Photography

    From The Stars

    Starting off the slide show are Raisa and Wulandhary, two public figures who chose kebaya for their wedding dresses. Either Wulandhary’s traditional long-sleeved, high-neck white kebaya or Raisa’s more modern approach, we can’t help but stunned by their beauty.

  • Photography: REDWHITE PHOTO

    The Classic White

    A classic white Kebaya can never do you wrong, it’s always a perfect fit for any theme or color palettes in traditional weddings. Also, aren’t you stunned at how graceful this bride looks?

  • Photography: Journal Portraits - Sal Photo

    Traditional Attire

    Look at these couples all clad in their traditional attires! As Indonesia’s culture is very diverse, we do encourage you to embrace them in your weddings and if possible, wear full-on traditional wedding attires for the ceremony or reception.

  • Photography: Jelly Motion - Alinea

    Hijab & Kebaya

    Hijab and kebaya complement each other very well, so don’t be discouraged to experiment with your kebaya look even when wearing hijab.

  • A Beautiful Crown

    Still for brides with hijab, don’t hesitate to put on traditional wedding accessories to complement your look as an alternative to a wedding veil. No, it wouldn’t look too overwhelming, but instead more authentic.

  • On With The Trends

    As the fashion industry evolves, so does kebaya. The one on the left is adorned with an oversized bow ornament, while the other one applies a trendy train that falls down from the arms.

  • On With The Trends

    You can also wear a wedding dress with a kebaya-like twist to it. A fully-embellished or lace gown with a modest silhouette can look like a Kebaya, thus adding an authentic feeling along with it.

  • Soft and Sweet

    If you’re more into soft colors, these pastel colored kebaya are for you. They would be the perfect companion for traditional pre-wedding processionals, like siraman or pengajian.

  • Colorful and Fun

    These colorful batik fabric makes a relaxed but poised look. Choose brighter colors for a more playful vibe or darker colors to invoke elegance to your siraman look!

  • Play It Boldly

    Wearing colored-kebaya can also be a statement of your personality. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors that suits your personality, like bright red or navy blue. Would you fancy this look for your an engagement ceremony?

  • Photography: Via The Bride's Bestfriend

    For The Bridesmaids

    Now let’s move on to the bridesmaids. It’s no secret that your bridal party will look completely stunning clad in matching kebaya.

  • Photography: Via The Bride's Bestfriend

    For The Bridesmaids

    A kutubaru kebaya along with an intriguing batik fabric makes a beautiful combination, effortlessly adding elegance to the whole wedding.

  • Photography: Via The Bride's Bestfriend

    For The Bridesmaids

    Another idea is to accessorize your girls with a matching headpiece. Aside from infusing elegance to the girls’ looks, these headpieces also help to emphasize the traditional vibe of the wedding.

  • Photography: Via The Bride's Bestfriend

    For The Bridesmaids

    For an even more authentic feeling, these girls cleverly transformed their batik material into tube dresses and added a sash as an accessory. With complete makeup and hairdo, it surely looks like they came from the old Javanese era!

  • For the Bridesmaids

    If a modern kebaya is a better option for your beloved bridesmaids, these flower-embroidered tops are perfect to instill a modern look, don’t you think?

  • Photography: MORDEN

    Engagement session ideas

    Of course, don’t be afraid to go all out with your traditional look! The bold combination of red and gold comes across as luxurious and enchanting, perfect for an engagement session.

  • Photography: All Seasons Photo

    Engagement session ideas

    If you prefer a more casual engagement session like First Daughter, Kahiyang Ayu, wear a dressy top and batik skirt, so that you can move around easily during the shots, especially if you’re going somewhere rather challenging.

  • Engagement session ideas

    For a more modern vibe, don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. Either an edgy Peranakan theme or a simple and casual indoor session, take your pick!

  • Photography: AKSA Creative

    Engagement session ideas

    Traditional fabric is also an alternative you should consider for your engagement photos. They are hassle-free, easier to execute, but with no less authenticity.

  • Bridal Robe

    For the morning preparation on the wedding day, would you consider using a simple lace Kebaya as your robe? Not the usual way to function a kebaya indeed, but it is a great way to re-use a kebaya especially if it has been passed down for generations!

  • For the Little Ones

    What’s cuter than children clad in Kebaya? Ask your ring bearer and flower girls will look utterly adorable and be prepared to hear your guests squeal with delight!

There you have it! Which of the look above is your favorite? Write down your thoughts on the comments section below and add the pictures to your inspiration board right away!

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