16 Enchanting Overhead Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

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Aside from the couple, the decoration is one of the first things that a guest will notice when attending a wedding. The wedding stage is indeed the visual focal point of the entire celebration, but it doesn't mean that other areas should be neglected.

Although ceilings usually get very little attention, if any, adding a few overhead decorations will not only make your venue even more beautiful, but also tie the whole room together. Whether you're planning a grand or simple wedding, the hanging décor ideas below will inspire you.

  • Fairy lights

    Strings of fairy lights are a fixture in rustic weddings, especially those held at a barn or backyard. As you can see above, adding twinkling lights is a foolproof way to liven up the atmosphere.

  • Fairy lights

    Fairy lights won’t look out of place in more extravagant weddings either. Preston Bailey himself worked his magic for Tania and Abel’s private villa wedding and created a sky full of stars with strings of lights as shown in the photo above!

  • Lanterns

    Another popular choice for ceiling decorations are lanterns. They’re usually used to decorate tables or floor spaces, but they look just as beautiful when suspended in the air. Use mismatched lanterns for a casual look or hexagonal lanterns to evoke an edgy feel. Another tip, fill them with candles and light them when night falls for an ethereal glow.

  • Glass jars and bottles

    DIY brides will love using glass jars and bottles as beautiful hanging decorations. Insert some flowers and hang the jars or bottles at alternating heights. For a more edgy and rustic feel, use different kinds and colors of bottles.

  • Glass spheres

    Another decoration element that’s high in demand at the moment is the glass sphere. These decorative glass balls are elegant, versatile, and highly effective. Put colorful flowers in them for a more romantic feel or use candles to add a touch of glamour.

  • Geometric terrarium

    Up next is the modern terrarium. Adorn geometric frames with flowers to create mini terrariums that you can hang from the ceiling. Experiment with different shapes, colors, materials, and flowers to get the look you’re aiming for. Don’t forget to consult your decorator or florist for ideas!

  • Flower strands

    Flowers work well for every kind of wedding celebration. On their own or combined with other ceiling decorations, strings of flowers will make your wedding feel more romantic. Here’s an idea; hang flower strands next to each other for a simple yet beautiful ceremony backdrop!

  • Chandeliers

    Chandeliers bring to mind overhead decorations for glamorous ballroom weddings. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for casual weddings held outdoors. This is the perfect idea for brides who wish for a laid-back wedding with an elegant atmosphere.

  • Organic chandeliers

    Now this is an idea that we really love. Instead of using chandeliers, hang beautiful lamps adorned with greenery and flowers. They look so beautiful, your guests won’t stop raving about them.

  • Bohemian rhapsody

    Brides who love everything bohemian will adore this hanging decoration idea. Hang macramé pot hangers filled with flowers. Be sure to use bright-colored flowers and add greenery to your liking. Complement the ceiling decorations with lace hoops or dream-catchers for a thick boho feel.

  • Fabric drapes

    This is one way to create an ethereal look without a hitch. You can style the fabrics as pictured in the photo above, or cover the whole ceiling instead. This option makes the room look airy and wide, while covering the entire ceiling will make your venue seem like a different place altogether.

  • Hoops

    Unlike the bohemian lace hoops in the previous photo, this one uses plants and flowers instead. We highly recommend this look as a backdrop for the ceremonial vows or photo booth. Think of how unique your photos will look!

  • Helium balloons

    This idea is a lot easier to recreate than the others, as you don’t need to hang anything from the ceiling. Use white semi-translucent balloons and field plants to create a beautiful balance of playfulness and simplicity. As you can see, balloons aren’t just for children’s birthday parties.

  • Flower installations

    This enchanting foyer decoration is from the wedding of Nathalia and Ricky, our very own social media director. We simply adore how the intricate flower arrangements on the ceiling contrasted beautifully with the all-white walls.

  • Inverted flowers

    This time, we’re hanging flowers upside-down. Feel free to mix the flowers with other elements like ribbons, chandeliers, or crystal strands as pictured on the left for a vintage look. If you prefer cleaner and more modern aesthetics, hang the flowers individually on strings.

  • Full ceiling decoration

    If you’re getting married in a spacious ballroom with hundreds or even thousands of guests, we suggest having full ceiling decorations. Adorning the ceilings with a mix of greenery, flowers, chandeliers, and other decorative elements will make your venue look even more spectacular.

Which one of the ideas above is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box below and don't forget to add your favorite images to the inspiration board!


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