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10 Things to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding


A daytime outdoor celebration will be great for your wedding photos, but not so much for your guests. Depending on the climate and season, the blistering sun can make your guests feel hot, sweaty, and downright uncomfortable.

Since your beloved guests have come all the way to attend your summer wedding, it's your job to ensure that they will be comfortable throughout the day. Click through the slideshow below to see 10 things that will help your guests to beat the heat.

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Photography: Axioo, Lisa Lefkowitz

Parasol or umbrella

To shield your guests from the sun, put some pretty parasols or umbrellas in a basket or place one next to each assigned seat. Find a parasol that matches your wedding theme and decorations; a vintage-style parasol made of lace would be perfect for an elegant wedding by the sea, while colorful parasols can add a more fun ambience.

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Photography: Ana Lui Photography, Josh Gruetzmacher Photography

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Photography: Khanh Hogland, Josh Gruetzmacher

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Photography: Marissa Lambert, via Pinterest

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Photography: Michael and Carina, Katie Grant Photography

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Photography: Brancoprata, Caroline Tran

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Photography: Jodee Debes Photography, Ruth Eileen Photography

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Photography: Lark & Linen, Jose Villa Photography

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Photography: Cassidy Brooke, Esther Sun Photography

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Photography: Perry Vaile

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