10 Things to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

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A daytime outdoor celebration will be great for your wedding photos, but not so much for your guests. Depending on the climate and season, the blistering sun can make your guests feel hot, sweaty, and downright uncomfortable.

Since your beloved guests have come all the way to attend your summer wedding, it's your job to ensure that they will be comfortable throughout the day. Click through the slideshow below to see 10 things that will help your guests to beat the heat.

  • Parasol or umbrella

    To shield your guests from the sun, put some pretty parasols or umbrellas in a basket or place one next to each assigned seat. Find a parasol that matches your wedding theme and decorations; a vintage-style parasol made of lace would be perfect for an elegant wedding by the sea, while colorful parasols can add a more fun ambience.

  • Hat

    If you’re throwing a casual and laid-back seaside wedding, have your gentlemen guests wear hats while the ladies don beautiful parasols. Feel free to play around with different styles, colors, and ribbons to make sure that your guests will look stylish.

  • Water

    Keep your guests hydrated by providing them with refreshing infused water. You can serve it in glasses or jars, or keep the infused water bottled for each guest. Whichever option you choose, just make sure it’s fresh and cold.

  • Face mist

    Aside from serving ice-cold water, you can refresh the guests using face sprays. Buy them in a beauty or convenience store and add simple tags or ribbons to match your wedding color palette. Or, you can make a personalized DIY face mist instead. Look up hydrating mist recipes online and share your favorite one with the guests.

  • Fans

    Just like the parasols we mentioned before, fans can be placed in a basket or on top of each seat on the wedding day. Have the fan do double-duty by printing your wedding program or rundown on top of it.

  • Fruits

    What kind of food complements a destination wedding in a tropical paradise like Bali or Boracay better than fresh fruits? Ask your wedding caterer to provide a choice of fresh juices in small glasses or a fruit platter for everyone to enjoy.

  • Cocktails or mocktails

    This is the best time to share your favorite cocktail or mocktail with the friends and family who came to celebrate. Consult your caterer, bartender, or mixologist on the best drinks to serve on a hot, sunny day. Better yet, write down the recipe on the menu or a chalkboard next to the drinks.

  • Ice Cream

    There’s nothing better than eating delicious ice cream on a bright, sunny day. Prepare a sundae bar that serves plenty of delicious flavors and delectable toppings, such as cherries and chocolate chips, or serve fruity sorbet for dessert.

  • Sunglass

    Sunglasses are a beach wedding essential, especially if your ceremony starts at noon when the sun shines brightly. Pack the sunglasses together with sunscreen as part of your destination wedding welcome bag or display them next to the guestbook.

  • Tent

    You might not like the idea of adding a tent to your outdoor wedding, but it actually has so many benefits! Aside from keeping your guests protected from direct sunlight, a tent will help you outsmart the weather and remain stress-free, come rain or shine.


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