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About The Fine Press
We are a Letterpress printer located in Jakarta and we work with highly regarded designers to produce art pieces for Letterpress lovers. From elegant and classy wedding invitations to professional bus...
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Do you provide catalog or custom products?


What services do you include in your package?

Design ,  Printing

Is there a minimum order requirement?

No , . There is no minimum order but printing cost will decrease as volume increases.

Do you provide delivery services for the invitations?


Do you provide services in other cities or countries?

Yes , We are based in Jakarta but ships worldwide. We have worked with clients from Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

Do you ship worldwide?


What other services do you offer?

Printing service,  Thank you cards,  Menu,  Cards,  Decorations,  Gifts,  Other

What payment systems are available for your business?

Bank transfer

Do you use any special technology or technique?

Others -

What design styles do you specialize in?

Classic, Elegant, Minimalist, Modern, Floral, Calligraphy & Watercolours.

What is your average turnaround time, from initial consultation to shipment?

Depending on the complexity of the project, clients can expect 4-6 weeks of production timing upon submission of final design artwork.

How far in advance should your client make an order?

At least 3 months in advance would be great for the clients and ourselves!

What makes your services unique?

At The Fine Press, we use only specially imported cotton paper for our wedding invitations. Cotton paper is soft and fluffy which allows the letterpress print to be perfectly indented into the paper, creating an intricate and luxurious impression. Apart from paper choice, our letterpress printing is produced on a vintage 60 years-old German machine which is no longer in production internationally. This adds exclusivity and splendor to our client's wedding.

What is your payment terms?

50% deposit and balance payment before collection.

When was your business established?

Our business started in end 2015 and we strive to always be a passionate letterpress printer that brings quality product to our clients!

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