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IDR 5,000,000
0% Installment with Bridestory Pay Badge
3 Month IDR 1,666,666++ each month
6 Month IDR 833,333++ each month
12 Month IDR 416,666++ each month
24 Month IDR 208,333++ each month
Calculated based on minimum order & exclusive of bank service fees
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Ronceronce Project

Wedding Decoration

by Ronceronce Project — Wedding Decoration

  • Dekorasi


Every wedding is different, and your exact décor needs will be determined by your venue, theme, budget, and personal preferences. This list includes the basics to get you started, but you can certainly add and edit to suit your needs. We also recommend reviewing this checklist with your florist and other key vendors to understand how their contributions will fit into your big day. Now, let’s get planning!

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