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Shooting Star Basket

by OH DEKO — Hampers

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Shooting Star Basket Sustainable Christmas is not about the packaging - while we also start to make our business sustainable for our mother earth. It's about sustainable relationships with our loved ones or people who accidentally get distant, we try to reach again. Our hampers meant to be enjoyed together with those of our hearts hold dearest. Sending hampers during holiday season could be felt shallow nowadays when it seems easier to feel apart. But, It's a heartwarming act to express your gratitude and try to make distant relationship closer. It's a good feeling to know that someone remembers you. Love, OhDeko What's your love get ? 1 Besek (20cm x 20cm) 1 Snowball Cookies 1 Kastengel 3 Variant of Tea Black Tea Green Tea Chamomile Tea 1 Brown Sugar in Tube

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