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IDR 2,250,000
0% Installment with Bridestory Pay Badge
3 Month IDR 750,000++ each month
6 Month IDR 375,000++ each month
12 Month IDR 187,500++ each month
24 Month IDR 93,750++ each month
Calculated based on minimum order & exclusive of bank service fees
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Bali Flower Preservation

Rectangle resin bouquet preservation

by Bali Flower Preservation — Dried Flower

  • bouquet
  • flowers
  • resin


You can mix and match these options to create a customized round resin art piece according to your preferences. 32x32cm (12.6x12.6 inch) 1. Style Options: Hang: Includes a silver string for hanging. Standing: Offers a choice between a wood stand or an acrylic transparent stand. Tray: Various handle options available. 2. Edge Finish Options: Transparent: Leave the edge of the round resin art piece clear. Gold Paint: Apply a gold paint finish to the edge. Silver Paint: Apply a silver paint finish to the edge. 3. Background Options: Transparent: Allows the background to be see-through. Black: Provides a solid black background. White: Provides a solid white background. Custom Color: Offers the choice of any other color for the background.

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