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IDR 2,000,000
0% Installment with Bridestory Pay Badge
3 Month IDR 666,666++ each month
6 Month IDR 333,333++ each month
12 Month IDR 166,666++ each month
24 Month IDR 83,333++ each month
Calculated based on minimum order & exclusive of bank service fees
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Start from IDR 2,000,000/3 hour Services Provided by MC for Akad Nikah: 1. Client Briefing/Rehearsal: Meeting with clients (online/offline) to discuss event details and rehearse. 2. Rundown and Scripting Consultation: Offering discussions and consultations for creating the event rundown, cue cards, and customized scripts. 3. Pre-Event Standby: Arriving at the venue up to one hour before the event to ensure everything is set. 4. Event Hosting: Professional and engaging hosting to keep the event lively and organized. 5. Social Media Posting: Sharing event highlights on social media, if any special requested.

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