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Fairytale Does Exist
by Memento Idea

Updated on 09 November 2017, Jakarta

Looking into the Fairytale theme that Priska requested before, it takes me back to my childhood memories. While I always love to collect so many fairytale books and I love each of the story very much. And they always have the same pattern. A girl with sad life – facing so many problems and troubles – get through it because she finds a Prince and “live happily ever after”. As I grow up, people say that fairytale doesn’t really exist, they show me how real world is; where pretty much is totally different with the story in fairytale, especially on the “happily ever after” part. So then, does it really exist? Even until now, I still do believe in it. To have the “happily ever after” life is possible, and it does exist. As I grow up I find out that it is just the matter of perception. When we were children, we always think that life happens with the same pattern as fairytale has : having sad life – facing so many problems and troubles – get through it and “live happily ever after” with the Prince, right after we find our true love (without facing any troubles and problems anymore). While life actually gives us different kind of pattern. We might start happy – then we get through sad times with so much problems and troubles – we get through it and become happy again, but it doesn’t stop there; our life might goes to down and sad times again – even for so many and a lot of times. But the thing we have to always believe is that we can and we will end up happy. It happens the same with marriage, marriage is not the last chapter of our love life. Instead, it is another start – of a new chapter that will lead to another stories. Will there be problems and troubles? Of course, not only a few but a lot, and the real possibility is that the problems will get bigger and harder to solve. These will push us as husband and wife to know who we really are, and to know each other more, about who is the person we are going to share our entire life with. Looking into ourselves and find out all of our worst part as well as the best part, showing it to our partner and knowing even more about all of the best and worst sides of our partner (mostly the bad and worst will reveal even more after we got married). But there is still the key to “live happily ever after”. To live happily ever after is actually to decide that we will, live it, happily ever after – with our husband / wife! Facing everything, find out that each of us has to grow to become better person and grow our relationship to be even more mature – build the “beautiful castle” of our marriage life and “live happily ever after” together. Fairytale might be just a fiction, but happily ever after does exist. It is only the matter of perception; the way you look at your partner, the way you appreciate your marriage, the way you live it and the way you love it. Fight for fairytale, it does exist. –Joy F.

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