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Beautiful in His time - invitation for Yuanita and Indra - Jakarta
oleh DONNY LIEM The Make Up Art

Diperbarui pada 18 Maret 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

Men love to plan. From “what to eat / cook tomorrow?”, “let’s have a meeting on….”, “do you have time this weekend to meet up?”, until “when will you achieve the target?”, “by next year, we have to move into a new big house”, and then often comes this question “when will you get married?” The culture and people around us has affected us to believe that there is always an “ideal time” for us to achieve something, to have someone or to be in certain season. We often say “there is always a time for everything”. But we need to dig deeper of our understanding about this statement. Whose time is it? If “there is always a time for everything” means our time, we will start to control every season to be exactly as how we planned it to be. But the fact is, men plans but not every single thing always happens as ho we want it to be. There are times we have to let go and surrender, while we trust and have faith that the best is yet to come. Lots of women are pressured with their ages to get married soon, like marriage is a “race”. And often, women are triggered by how they see other women celebrate their weddings. I’d prefer to call it as a “wedding race” rather than a “marriage race”. Because most are focused on the wedding celebration as an “achievement” without really knowing and understanding that the marriage life afterwards is much more important than the celebration itself. To be a husband and a wife for life, we need to be really ready and prepared, there are lots of things ahead that are not always easy for us to face. While people around Yuanita started to get married, it was normal to think “when is my time?” since there were lots of questions went to her about the time, and the man. But Yuanita holds strong on her faith of the right man she wants to be with. Being single is not only about to be secure with yourself when no man is coming to your life, but it is also about being strong to hold on your value even when lots of men come and sometimes you need to say “No”. Rejections towards ourselves or rejections we need to give to those who came when we were single was always meant to be. They were planned to shape us to be ready, when the time to meet the right one comes to us. Everything is always beautiful in God’s time. Because He holds all of the universe, and He knows every single person on earth. But it takes faith and courage while we are waiting for it to comes. Yuanita has inspired us that her faith and value have brought them to be a courageous woman, strong and full of positivity. Her faith and value finally bear her the sweetest fruit: the man she dreams of, having her dream wedding to come true, and of course in God’s beautiful time.

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