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    Born2talk Review(s)

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    Latest Review
    24 January 2020 | Client at Magno and Victoria Wedding Wedding

    Rather Rude and a Racist. Very unprofessional.

    My nephew and niece really had a nightmare experience with this guy. With all the events narrated to us, it really shows how superficial his advertisements are. How could he insult his clients like this? Worse, quit a day before the event? His rating should be like beer... best below zero!
    24 January 2020 | Client at Magno and Victoria Wedding

    Aaron d'Almeida - Rude, Narcissistic, racist, unprofessional, disgraceful

    Honestly appalled by the way Born2talk Aaron treated his clients, especially when the company pried itself in serving its clients “on a foundation of positivity, purpose and intent”. I do not think it is professional to pull out ONE DAY before the bride and groom’s big day and to later go on and spread harsh, racist and negative words about the groom to the organiser. This is just a blatant show of disrespect and highly unprofessional. I find it ironic that you boast about the “ability to seamlessly connect and respond to complex requirements” on your website, when you could not even deliver on the front and something so simple such as getting your client’s name right. Personally, seeing the headache he brought upon the bride and groom on cancelling one day before their big day and the disrespectful racist comments, I DEFINITELY WOULD NOT recommend using their service.
    24 January 2020 | Client at Victoria & Magno Wedding

    Disappointing & Disrespectful

    Disrespectful & Racist! Solicited his services for a wedding to 600 people. Late for meetups. Told us he knew best - refused our requests to make the emceeing formal, to respect our diversity of guests When told him No, he called the groom “that Pinoy” when he badmouthed us to our event planner. Then he quit the day before the wedding with the excuse that he didn’t want to tarnish his own reputation with the wedding.. How unprofessional can you be!? For all you know, he’ll quit the day of your wedding just because he “didn’t feel like it”. What a joke.
    24 January 2020 | Client at Magno Guidote & Victoria Goh Wedding


    My niece and nephew (Magno Guidote and Victoria Goh's Wedding January 18, 2020) recent very unpleasant experience with Born2Talk company and in particular Aaron D'Almeida must be brought to light. A beautiful and once in a lifetime event very nearly became a disaster because of this creep. BEWARE, all my friends and anyone looking for an Emcee to stay clear of him! He is unprofessional, arrogant, racist, rude and obnoxious. Cancelling his committment to be an Emcee at their wedding less than 24 before the event. His customer service skills are next to zero. He refused to let the couple make any imput into how their wedding function should be emceed. He only wanted it his way or the highway! What a jerk!
    24 January 2020 | Client at Magno and Victoria Wedding


    I was very sad to find out how this Aaron D'Almeida almost ruined my brother's wedding. He was rude, condescending, and racist, and had the temerity to quit one day before the actual wedding, causing the couple so much unnecessary stress and inconvenience. My advice is to look elsewhere if you are looking for the services of a professional host/emcee.
    23 January 2020 | Bride at Victoria Goh Wedding

    Rude,racist and unprofessional - Aaron cant even get the groom's name right

    We had a very painful experience with Aaron— last minute cancellation. All our suppliers for the wedding delivered exceptional service, but this emcee was the source of all the last minute stress ! Definitely won’t recommend. I’m glad we didn’t let this loose cannon on stage. During our first meeting, we were asking him about how he planned on addressing the audience, and he dared to say that our guest who purposely flew all the way in, to attend our wedding were “the privileged few” who got to be here. That’s so rude to the guests!! When we told him that that’s not what we wanted and tried to let him know more details on the crowd that night, he didn’t bother to listen at all. Kept trying to force his own ideas on us, and in his own words “educate us”. Throughout the meeting he kept boasting about his degree and his ability to read the crowd. When you don’t want to do things his way, he will throw a tantrum. This is just not professional at all. If you don’t want to have unnecessary stress, I strongly recommend you to stay away from this horrible emcee who is just full of himself.

    Wedding Planning

    What sort of planning do you cover?
    Reception planning,  Venue selection,  Other Music & Lights
    What is your primary expertise?
    Intimate wedding,  Grand wedding,  International wedding ,  Cultural wedding
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Yes Kindly send the enquiry to
    Minimum and maximum number of guests of a wedding you would coordinate
    Minimum of 60 pax to 1000 pax
    Do you speak other languages should there be any overseas couple who wants to use your services?
    Yes Bahasa
    Do you provide services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Definitely would love to be a part of any wedding ceremony from any parts of the world
    How far in advance should your client make a booking?
    We have bookings as early as 2 years in advance. However we have been accommodating to a 6 weeks of planning to the wedding date, and it turn out MARVELLOUS!
    How many hours are included on the day of the wedding?
    Our Day-of-Event Coordination can be from 6 hours - 9 hours of preparation, and execution.
    What makes your services unique?
    Everything that we do is tailored and choreographed to suits the personality of both bride and groom. It is never a same wedding dinner experience for all our wedding clients.
    Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards
    Recognised by Association of Bridal Consultant Singapore
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Cheques, Cash
    What is your payment terms?
    50% for booking & Service Confirmation Balance payment of 50% will be within 3 days to D-Day
    When was your business established?
    Professionally set-up since 2011
    What service do you provide?
    Day of coordinator
    Entertainment (MC)

    What are the languages that you use?
    English,  Indonesian,  Bahasa Melayu,  Other Thai
    What cultural wedding procession are you most familiar with?
    Other Asian and Expat Community
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Asian Region and Europe
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    We take bookings as early as a year in advance, to the latest as short as one week to the wedding date
    What rate do you usually charge at?
    We have different packages. It is best to be in touch with us for a personalise service. Sent an email to
    What is your usual attire?
    Formal attire, tuxedo and suits, depending on the clients request
    Please list, if any, your business' past achievements and awards
    Recognised by Association of Bridal Consultant Singapore, dubbed as The Perfect Wedding Emcee
    What is your mc style during a wedding?
    Aaron is versatile in tonality and presentation embodied with an eye for detail. A taste of gracefulness and an acute instinct for prim social etiquette.
    What makes your services unique?
    Aaron is able to expertly customised guest activities, tailored and choreographed to suits the personality of both bride and groom. Aaron is all about energy, synergy and perception.
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer, Cheques, Cash
    What is your payment terms?
    50% deposit for talent booking confirmation 50% balance payment on the day of event upon completion
    3 Beach Road, Singapore 190003

    At Born2Talk, we recognize that a wedding celebration is an important family event that echoes for a lifetime. We ensure wedding couples enjoy their eventful moments with family & friends to the fullest. We dig deep to create rich concepts to help you host your grand wedding event stylishly. We've been able to achieve this, as evidenced by heaps of testimonials we receive from grateful Newly Weds & Wedding Planners from around world who enjoy our professional consultancy & personalised approach

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