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Why It’s Okay to Splurge on These 7 Things for Your Wedding

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We truly understand that throwing a wedding could be expensive. It is always a good option if you can save some, but there are some nuptial essentials that you should not cut off from your budget. Bargaining on these things could cause your wedding to be less than optimum; we are sure no one wants it to happen right? So, take a look at the lists of what you should not skimp on your wedding budget down below.

1. The Dress

You should not compromise on your wedding dress, period. It is the ultimate moment for you to cherish forever and you should totally love the way you look on that day. You could always play around with fabrics and details, but a good dress should fit your body perfectly and feel comfortable during the event. Don't go for a cheaper option of the off-the-rack dresses because those dresses are not made in your exact measurement. Sure, you don't have to force yourself to buy that ridiculously priced designer dress, but at least find something that is tailored for you and reflect your personality.

2. The Shoes

No matter how high the shoes are, a pair of good-quality ones will not leave you in pain even if you are wearing it for the whole day, have less risk of broken heels and you can keep it as an investment to wear to other parties in the future. So, make sure not to bargain with the price and quality when it comes to shoes.

3. Hair & Make-up

A great makeup artist with high-quality brushes and products won't settle with a good deal and compromise with the result. While the price range of the amateurs are pretty tempting, but your wedding day is not the perfect time for them to experiment with hair and makeup.

4. Video & Photography

These two things usually come in one package. Don't skimp on your budget for these as photography and videography are the only two things that would let you cherish your wedding moments afterwards. You wouldn't want your wedding documentation to be lousy just because you decided to hire an amateur who does not understand how to take a good angle or lighting equipment.

5. Venue

Rather than spending more on the decoration, it is better to actually choose a better venue. It might cost higher but a beautiful place will not need so much lavish decorations. And, what is more memorable than a wedding held in your most favorite venue? When you look back at those lovely time spend in that particular place, we bet, you will not be able to hold back your happiness.

6. Flowers

You can always make an agreement on the flowers used as decoration as there are plenty of flowers you could consider. However, we are talking about your wedding bouquet. Every bride-to-be will have specific flowers in mind that will actually make it hard to find any substitute. So, get your wedding bouquet with your most favorite flowers and don't think twice to negotiate about this.

7. Professionals wedding planner

If you have decided to use the help of a wedding planner, you have to make sure that the pros you have chosen have good reputable recommendation from their clients. Take some time to page through about who they are, how they work, and what others have said about them. By all means, you will not risk your perfect dream of how your wedding turns out just because they are not helpful to you or ruining the schedule just because they forget some important things.

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