What not to do when planning your wedding flowers

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Everyone will want the best for their own wedding, and planning for your flower decorations can be a headache too! Here are some useful tips for those of you who have no experience with flowers.

Not talking to your florist

Never assume that they know everything, especially your personalities, love story, style sense and the like. It's better to meet them in person for a one-on-one convo. Also, always have an open mind to changes in the event that imported flowers don't arrive on time or the florist suggests ranunculus over roses. Trust that they know what they're doing!

Booking the florist too late

Most florists will require your order about six months in advance. Also try to book less popular dates because florists are not able to exceed two weddings per day, in order to ensure the quality of the flowers.

Using only one colour

Flowers that are too matchy-matchy with your gown look dated and may make your wedding photos look dull. Try complementing shades like bright flowers for an ivory gown and creamy-velvety blooms for coloured outfits. A good example is Clicknetwork host Charles Ng and bride Sarah Lim's wedding pictured here.

Requesting for seasonal flowers

Many imported flowers are subjected by seasonal harvests and tend to be costlier than homegrown varieties or sourced nearby. Try to avoid them if you are on a budget, especially hydrangeas, tulips and peonies.

Not seeing the whole picture

Although beautiful floral centerpieces would look stunning at your wedding banquet, would they obstruct the view of guests being able to see you walk into the room? Save the money for a more dramatic stage set-up.

Overlooking the table linen

Remember that the linen is part of the setting as well; you will want it to match the centerpiece! Ivory is the fail-safe colour if you don't have much option.

Not reusing ceremony arrangement

To save money, maximise the life of your church flowers and reuse them for the lunch or dinner reception. Ensure that you've got help in this area to shift everything over.

Over DIY-ing your flowers

If it were that easy to arrange your own flowers, a lot of people would prefer to DIY. But there's a reason why floristry is a booming business. The laborious task of sourcing flowers, transporting, refrigerating (or storing them in your bathtub), and buying dozens of vases may just change your mind altogether.

Choosing an oversized bouquet

Sometimes bigger does not always mean the better. Carrying a huge bouquet may look beautiful in pictures but it's the most impractical thing any bride should do. The weight of it is one thing, but how about the bouquet toss? Yikes!

Choosing overly scented flowers

Choosing heavily scented flowers may drive sensitive noses insane. If you will love scented flowers, you may want to consider to only using it for your bouquet. You can even spritz room spray on the flowers to give your bouquet a light aroma.


  • Photography: Caline Ng Photography
  •  | 
  • Flowers:

    Poppy Flora Studio

  •  | 
  • Bridal: Amour Bridal
  •  | 
  • Venue: Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Singapore

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