Ways to Incorporate Batik & Traditional Fabrics to Your Wedding

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As Indonesian heritage, batik and traditional fabrics are the most beautiful and versatile pieces of culture for every kind of festivity, weddings included. These alluring fabrics have its own pattern and characteristics in every region of the country, creating highly particular meaning for every stroke of color. Naturally, incorporating the fabrics into your wedding will bring a sense of authenticity and edge alongside culture.

Slide through the slideshow to find creative ideas to incorporate these lovely fabrics to your wedding!

  • Pre-wedding photo session

    Whether in a studio or outdoor, these fabrics can help you add a touch of culture and bring your pictures come to life with its vibrant patterns and color.

  • Pre-wedding photo session

    Aside from wearing it, you can also use batik patterns to decorate your pre-wedding photos, like this image here! Simply exceptional, do you agree?

  • Invitation suite

    Instead of using full batik coverage on your invitation design, this batik envelope liner is both classy and elegant. Creating a batik look-alike like the silver and gold leaf liner is also a sophisticated idea!

  • Chic bridesmaids

    Adding a batik sash to your bridesmaids’ looks is definitely something you can try. If you’re keen on something more modern, the gold vest with intricate patterns is a great alternative!

  • On the bride

    Wear some batik on you too! Weave batik to your hair by braiding it, as seen on the photo above. Choose bright-colored batik if you have dark hair and vice versa to create a pleasant contrast. Don’t forget to tie matching fabric to your bouquet as well!

  • Escort cards

    Make your seating arrangement more interesting with batik paper origami and don’t forget to create an enchanting display as well!

  • The foyer

    The foyer is said to be a focal point, as it determines your guests’ first impression. What do you think about using wayang as part of the decoration? Your guests will be bewitched for sure.

  • On the tables

    To intensify guests’ experience, use a batik table cloth or table runner and make your wedding dinner so much more memorable.

  • On the tables

    Wouldn’t it be great to also have some of these lovely fabrics hanging on the ceiling? You can definitely reuse the fabrics to spice up an ordinary table lamp, as pictured above. And do take out the patterned cutleries and dishes to match!

  • The art of napkins

    No one can resist a batik napkin and there are endless ways to make it look interesting. Either you choose to use a napkin holder or turn the napkin to shapes, there’s no way your guests will not notice this tiny detail.

  • Chair decoration

    These batik-covered chairs are so pretty for the photos, do you agree? Another idea, simply place batik pillows on the chairs. Besides complementing the ordinary chair, the pillows also enhance comfort for the guests.

  • Wedding cake and favors

    Don’t be afraid to explore. Use batik patterns on the wedding cake to imbue a sophisticated feel and giving them batik-laden favors will ensure good memories about the wedding.

  • Other details

    Aside from the elements above, you can of course explore more details to be incorporated in the wedding, just like this batik ring box! If you prefer something more practical, a batik ring pillow also works as fine.

Feeling inspired? Tell us which idea you're loving and add it to your inspiration board right away! If you have other ideas, don't hesitate to tell us all about it on the comments section below.


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