Vendor of the Week: Litany

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Founded by Luki and Dedi in December 2013, Litany produces exquisite, personalized jewelry for people who love the idea of a humble life. Each piece is completely handmade, inspired by the beauty that already exists in nature. "Litany is nature's copycat. We aim to copy nature by crafting jewelry with our own hands, while in the process reminding ourselves that each of God's creations is magical and has its own soul," explained Luki.

At first, the duo didn't expect to get involved with the wedding industry. "We started Litany based on a hobby, so we just sold our jewelry to our circle of friends. Before we knew it, people started to wear our pieces on their wedding day," he continued. Even to this day, Luki and Dedi do not intend to follow wedding trends. Instead, they always stay true to their vision in duplicating nature, seeking inspiration from plants and flowers such as mistletoe, cherry blossoms, and lichen.

Realizing how important it is to provide the finest quality for every piece, Litany offers a wide range of materials, from copper to brass, silver to gold. If by any chance, you're a nature lover who is in search of the perfect headpiece or wedding ring, rest assured that your big day will be complete with these talented designers' one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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