Vendor of the Week: Fire, Wood & Earth

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Fire, Wood & Earth started with humble beginnings when founder, Andre Lesmana began a personal photography project to improve his rusty skills and explore his own style. Andre's dedication and love of photography soon drove him to pursue freelance work, and after building a strong portfolio, he decided to start a photography business with his wife.

Fire, Wood & Earth seeks inspiration from many sources, such as the natural beauty of the outdoors, the intimacy between couples, music, and life itself. When it comes to photography, Andre doesn't attempt to glamorize his shots by using exaggerated techniques or complicated concepts. Instead, he aims to bring out a couple's real interactions and raw emotions, keeping everything as natural as possible.

Andre believes that Fire, Wood & Earth's distinctive style differentiates his work from the many other wedding photographers out there. Aside from that, he is always open to new ideas and trends that are still aligned to his signature style. "I don't always follow photography trends, but if there's anything that is relatable or matches my photography style, then I would be happy to adapt it into my work," he explained.

Fire, Wood & Earth strives to preserve honest stories with real connections between people, as well as between people and nature. Andre hopes that in the future, people can look back and relive the good memories and experiences that are documented in every picture.


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