Turn Your Wedding Bouquet Into a Lasting Memento with Conservé Flower Preservation

by Michelle Phang Nov 19, 2018 | 11:00 in Featured Vendors  


Aside from photography, there are various ways to always remember the details of your wedding day. Any bride who appreciates each aspect on their most special moment, precisely the flower bouquet that accompanies them all day long, will take a good care of this beautiful detail. These days, the presence of a flower preserver often steal their attention. Here, we have Conservé Flower Preservation, who is known for their service and product that can accommodate modern brides' needs.

As the only flower preservation vendor that has certification from Japan, Conservé Flower Preservation sincerely learns about flower preservation and maintains the quality of the materials used in the preservation process itself. Altogether with her co-founder Clowie Gianina, Marlyn as the Conservé Flower Preservation explained that they provide preservation service for all kinds of flowers. She also advised every bride to send their flower bouquet as soon as possible.

The difference between Conservé Flower Preservation and other vendors who offer similar service is the preservation technique from Japan and how they carefully pick the material, so it won't cause the flowers to wrinkle. "Before the preserving process begins, we will ensure the flowers are in good condition. If any of the flowers has somewhat wilted, we must revive them before proceeding the preservation. Each flower must be preserved one by one without any additional coloring, so its color and shape would remain almost like the original," explained Marlyn. Since the technique is more complicated, the process of preserving flowers will also take more time.

"All preserved flowers will definitely be placed in an airtight glass box so that it won't get damaged in the future. This basically explains why we don't accept flower preservation order without a frame," she continued. Therefore, brides should be careful when choosing a flower preserver. In fact, there are so many similar services that don't understand the right way of flower preservation. Marlyn further shared how she often listens some stories about preserved flowers that turned to be moldy, and eventually attracted insects. She then reminded to avoid placing the frame in a place where it can get exposed to direct sunlight or spotlights. Also, make sure the room is not damp.

Other than wedding flower preservation services that can be combined with other details, such as invitations, souvenirs, and photos, Conservé Flower Preservation also offers products in the form of dried flower arrangements as unique and personal gifts. Not only as a display, the application can be applied to various needs, ranging from accessories, room fresheners, candles, to ring bearers.

Visit Conservé Flower Preservation profile on Bridestory and see their creativity directly through the gallery.


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