Trendspotting: Incorporating Black Elements into Your Wedding

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The color white and weddings might seem to be an inseparable match. However, brides nowadays no longer limit themselves when it comes to choosing colors for their wedding, especially with bolder shades that come to dominate this year's trend. Expect to spot certain details featuring even an unusual color, such as black! This year black is back to take over the wedding world and boy are we inspired. Scroll through this slideshow to get a hint how black-colored elements can create a significant change to your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

  • Invitations

    This bearer of good news could be used as a major hint of what your guests should be expecting to see on the big day. A plain black envelope or a black wax seal would do a great job to implicitly suggest the wedding theme.

  • Gifts for the squad

    If you’ve been thinking of rewarding their companionship with personalized gifts, why not create black hangers as pictured above as well as greeting cards that can instantly reflect your wedding theme?

  • Seating chart

    As soon as your guests arrive at the party, a seating chart is a brilliant idea to give yet another first impression. Besides, it’s also an effective way to guide your guests to sit at their designated table. Take some clues from the shots above and be creative with your own to make an impressive impression.

  • Photo booth background

    Whenever you have an empty space on your wedding venue, creating a selfie-spot or photo booth is always a great idea. Whether a seating arrangement complete with props or just a simple background of your favorite quotes, these areas will be a fun-filled corner where your guests can express themselves as well as create lasting memories. For a more feminine atmosphere, simply add some pretty floral details!

  • Table setting

    Here goes the inspiration that goes very well with an industrial-style venue. Mixing together black chairs and gold calligraphy on bunting flags would add an elegant side to the vintage atmosphere.

  • On the chairs

    Meanwhile, those who love the idea of a classic formal wedding would find this idea endearing. Take some ghost chairs and handwrite them with black markers, just like the ones in the picture above.

  • All in the details

    You can also use black-colored tableware, from plates to glasses, to complement your overall table arrangement.

  • Wedding cake

    What could be more tempting that a black-tinted wedding cake? Some might hinder from using this color on food, but look how gorgeous these cakes turn out! Simply irresistible.

  • Wedding favors

    If you’re spying something sweet, think of an insanely dark treat such as black truffle macaroon or black velvet cookies. If not, you can wrap your gift inside a black-colored box instead.

  • Flowers

    A mixture of dark-hued flowers or berries with white flowers would make a really unique addition to your bridal bouquet. Don’t forget to keep the men’s boutonnieres looking pretty as well!

  • The wedding arch

    Let’s bring the black to the ceremony by having a black-hued arch as pictured right here. You might want to avoid this if your wedding has some strict cultural values to adhere to, but if not perhaps you can give this idea a shot.

  • One for the bride

    It might be very uncommon for the bride to wear all-black outfit on the big day, but it doesn’t make it impossible. Plenty of unconventional brides have walked down the aisle in black and they looked amazing. If the idea is too unfamiliar, however, a black pair of wedding shoes would be as nice!

  • Jewelry

    Here goes another way to have a stunning statement on your wedding day, wear black wedding jewelry. Don’t overdo it though as it will look tacky instead of classy.

  • The bridal party

    Going all-black with your best friends would make the wedding seem more harmonious and well thought of. Take a look at how cool the groomsmen’s group shot above is with them all clad in black tuxedo.

  • One for the groom

    As the groom, of course you would have to look the most dapper amidst all the other men in the bridal party. To do so, wear a black-colored shirt and vest to bring your elegance to the next level.

Are there any other black-colored elements you can think of but we have yet to feature? Let us know in the comment box below because we'd love to see more enticing ideas of this recent wedding trend. And, don't forget to add all your favorite photos and ideas to the inspiration board!


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