Thematic Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for Singaporean Brides

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There are plenty of reasons to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. Some say it would help to ease you up in front of the camera so that you know how to pose naturally and comfortably on your wedding day. Others would suggest it to make use of the wedding makeup trial you get before the big day. Another thing, you can also feature your pre-wedding images on the wedding day itself as part of the wedding stationery, photo gallery display or slideshow presentation.

If you're already convinced to book yourself a pre-wedding session, the next thing to do is determine the pre-wedding theme so that the album is different than any other bride's. Worry not, we have some popular and unique ones compiled for you! Slide through to see the concepts along with decoration, accessory and location suggestions as well!

  • Calling all brides-to-be who loves the effortless Boho style! Such see-through and lightweight dresses are designed for you. With creative floral appliques and a versatile cut, these dresses would easily fit a bohemian-themed shoot.

  • What else is better to complete the Boho vibes? This fruity-floral crown will scream bohemian in an instant. You might as well sneak some props to the shoot to intensify the relaxed yet romantic vibe.

  • You know what they say, it’s all in the details. Hence, work on the details to build the vintage feel you aimed. From floral embroidery to a Juliet cap veil, you’ll definitely get the look with these delicate bridal hair style.

  • Bring back the old-world beauty with an antique setting. Use vintage mirrors or houses with a dated-beauty to even more elevate the charm of your shoot. And, inspire yourself with some intimate, chivalry gestures that are hardly found these days.

  • Dress yourself in a pre-wedding gown with no beading, no embroidery, and no laces at all. Instead, create modernity through other details. For instance, how the unique bell sleeves could jazz up the entire look! And don’t be scared to explore seemingly-bizarre photo angles to get a distinctive modern vibe.

  • When you’re already in the run for a minimalistic pre-wedding session, it is actually a good idea to do the shoot in an indoor studio. One may think that it’s too typical, but the right location could really set the right mood for the photos. If you like, you can include an atypical wedding flower bouquet to add a romantic touch. Simply contact your trusted hand bouquet florist to help you!

  • To create a different whimsical look, flatter your figure in these sheath dresses. The intricate appliques are so playful yet elegant, perfect for a whimsical theme. Combine it with a galactic Stardust-themed backdrop and you’re all set!

  • Unique structure, such as tinsel fringes or can add a playful touch to your overall look. You can also experiment with a glowing makeup to complement the whole appearance. We totally love this look, how about you?

  • Coney Island

    If the view of a quiet beach and woodland is a scene you have in mind, the fresh air of Coney Island, Singapore would suit your personality well.

  • Coney Island

    This location would require you to explore though, so choose an airy dress that will give you comfort throughout the journey. Don’t forget to pack up sunscreen and mosquito repellent as well!

  • Tuas - Lalang Field

    This field is perfect for a casual theme, like a cozy couple picnic.

  • Tuas - Lalang Field

    With such a serene setting, you can also emphasize your intimacy in a fun and carefree way.

  • Park Hotel Alexandria

    Without having to venture out into the jungle, you still can get a lush surrounding in the bustling city of Singapore. Take some cues from the photo above, taken in Park Hotel Alexandria. You and your partner could nevertheless use a natural scenery as a backdrop.

  • Kallang River

    Better yet, you might as well show off the vibrant night view of Singapore skyline. As it’s quite hard to have twinkling star lights captured in the city, you can use fairy lights instead to get a similar romantic nuance.

  • National Gallery of Singapore

    This place is a perfect match for a vintage concept. Don’t forget to double check if you need special permission to bring professional photographer and properties along with you to the location.

There you have it, pre-wedding photo shoot theme and location ideas in Singapore you can creatively explore. Don't forget to consult with your pre-wedding photographer for more ideas and concepts or hire a wedding stylist if deemed necessary. Good luck and have fun!


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