The Truth about Marrying Into Money

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You may have friends or acquaintances who are married to someone rich or someone whose family has a great deal of wealth more than their own. You find yourself asking if money is an important determining factor to marry someone. Some of us believe that marrying into money is really paving the road to happiness. But, is that really true? Is marrying for financial reasons a really wise thing to do? Here are some things to think about.

How do you value your wellbeing?

A person's wellbeing is not defined solely by financial status. Actually, studies have showed that a high level of material consumption is unnecessary for happiness and wellbeing, instead, too much can actually be harmful to a person. Individuals with a strong materialistic orientation are more likely to be unhappy with themselves. Those who place high value on financial wealth and material goods tend to have empty spaces inside because human needs to have a sense of achievement, a space to be independent, and feeling to be loved. Unfortunately, marrying someone rich can't really fill those needs.

Is money a tool to live, or does it create happiness?

Most girls have falsely equated romantic love with happiness and equated happiness with money. Well, it's time to treat life for what it is, not a fairy tale. Stop thinking that one day Prince Charming whose bank account is loaded with money will come and take you to his castle to live happily ever after. You need money to live and you need to work and earn that money. Your husband is your partner in living life, and money is something both husband and wife can actually work for.

Will you feel insecure about your marriage?

We all believe that marriage should be based fundamentally on mutual love. If a man's financial status is so much better than the woman's, wouldn't the woman feel insecure about her marriage? Our guess is that she would. If her husband's number one priority is money and working for money, she is not. Why should she settle for someone who puts her lower on his priority list?

Will it create a gap between the family?

If the couple came from two totally different worlds with different lifestyle and different perspective, chances are the joining of two families in a marriage will be very hard, if not impossible. Shockingly, there are new phrases "marrying up" and "marrying down" which are sullying to use. But that's the reality. Unless both families don't see this difference as some kind of big problem, everything will be fine. You probably need to adapt and adjust yourself when your in-laws around.

Money can buy you love?

We think not. Money is an easy way out. If you marry someone rich, he will choose the easiest way to express their feelings - with money. You'll be showered with expensive gifts and stuff, but someday you'll wonder if he could display his/her affection to you sincerely without spending a single cent.

The conclusion is, marrying into money takes its own toll, whereas, a marriage life should be created with a man to enjoy life, to have fun with, to be intimate with. It is better to find someone who has a vision and a dream, partnered with skill and technique. And then team up with him to build your own empire. When you have a marriage that is based on strong relationship, what's the best could happen? Furthermore, don't we promise to love and cherish for richer and poorer, we're both in it all the way, like together all the way?

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