The Sweet Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

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Dessert is one most important things for a wedding; it's the closing dish for your feast. Thus, it has to be mind blowing─ both in taste and appearance. Other than the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake, you can always serve other choices of delightful desserts for your guests to enjoy. Here we're giving you some ideas to help you get your irresistible wedding desserts.

  • Macarons

    This rounded shape pastry has become one famous delectable dessert. The crunchy shells completed with the soft tangy filling are truly a winner for us. With so many flavors and lovely colors, you could even have a macaron tower as substitute of your wedding cake. It will simply give your wedding a sweet elegant touch.

  • Dessert Bar

    If it’s hard for you to decide on having just one kind of dessert, why not to have variations of bite-size cakes and pastries? You could have plenty of your favorite cakes without making it too much. Another idea is by serving desserts in a jar. Get some inspirations online as there are tons of mouth-watering dessert in jar recipes that will surely inspire you. With a bit of creative touch, these desserts would easily become part of your fancy wedding decoration.

  • Photography: Harwell, N.Barret

    Pancake & Crepes

    Here’s another kind of desert if you don’t really like cake. Just substitute your wedding cake with stacks of pancakes or crepes and decorate them with fruits, flowers, or even creamy filling which could be use as decoration too. But if you still want to have your wedding cake, you could serve it as coin pancakes. Don’t forget to provide jams and syrups at the side as well.

  • Photography: via magazine fourseasons


    Choux might notbe as famous as macarons but it’s getting to be the trend now. We bet this light pastry dough with its many sweet, tasty filling choices, will be a bliss to the taste buds. Just like macarons, choux could be made into a croquembouche tower too. It’s a French dessert consists of choux balls piled into a cone tower bound with caramel threads. If you haven’t tried one, this new thing will surely become your new favorite.

  • Photography: Puyo Desserts

    Silky Pudding

    This soft-textured pudding is another dessert that will win your heart over. With shades of pastel colors and great taste, find this scrumptious treats irresistible. You could always have the pudding in a jar stacked with an acrylic-based cake stand and place them in neat rows with its soft colors.

  • Photography: Guilt Desserts


    Even though cupcakes are actually similar to the traditional wedding cake, they can give you more flavors in one bite. The beautiful and colorful decorations available can also add another level of sweetness that will surely leave your guests with awe.

  • Photography: Elicxir Artisan Gelato

    Ice Cream

    In any situation─ especially on a hot and sunny day─ ice cream is a sure winner to cheer people up. To serve it easily and without the mess, you can serve ice cream sandwich using soft cookies or bread. Another fun idea is to provide an ice cream truck on your venue to serve your guests. We bet everyone young and old, will be so excited for it.

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    Who can resist these fried treats? Donuts could be decorated with sprinkles or just a dash of powdered sugar to be one tasty delicacy. For similar taste and texture, you can also serve beignets or churros. Be sure that you don’t forget to provide dipping sauces for it.

  • Sweet Pies

    While savory pies might be tempting, it still won’t be a dessert if it’s not sweet. Pies can give a rustic and homey feeling to your whole wedding celebration. You could also have a combination of different tastes from mixed fruits to sweet chocolate filling. With their delicate details, you can simply stack these pies in an acrylic or cupcake stand for a chic and stylish décor.

  • Chocolate Fountain & S’mores

    This is one fun and exciting dessert for a wedding— everyone loves chocolate right? With just a simple chocolate fountain, you just need to prepare fruits or candies on a stick and let your guests try different combinations. For s’mores, you could provide it as a DIY s’mores bar by having all the ingredients on a dessert table. But take a note that this s’mores idea is suitable for weddings of not more than100 guests.

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