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The Pros & Cons of Co-Living With Your Parents After Married

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It is a usual thing if you are still staying at your parents' house after the wedding. You should have talked about it with both your spouse, as well as your mother and father. If you are still in considerations, here are some of the benefits and disadvantages to be minded about when co-living with your parents after the wedding.


1. Able to share monthly expenses
The monthly expense for daily needs is not small. Electric and internet bills, as well as cleaning and daily food budget, can take 50% of your monthly income. When you are on the same roof, sharing the monthly expense with parents will undoubtedly ease both of your financial loads.

2. Having a chance to know each other better
Living with your parents after married is absolutely different than before. You and your parents can get to know each other again and understand better. Moreover, you can learn the marriage life in practice directly.

3. Getting help in raising children
There are a lot of couples who trust their daily childcare in the parent's supervision rather than a professional baby sitter. You will feel safer knowing that your child is in the hands of your family relatives, especially if one of or both parents are staying home. The bond between your child and his/her grandparents can be well developed.


1. Decreasing your husband's confidence
Your husband cannot do the role of the man of the house since you are still staying at your parent's. Since it is their house, who rules the house more is undoubtedly your parents. It can cause anxiety to your husband because he cannot express his responsibility as the household chief.

2. Caught in between in-laws conflict
Although you are comfortable living with your own parents, your husband should need time to adapt. The differences in characteristics and habits can raise a conflict between your parents and their in-law. You can possibly be caught in whether siding on your parents or your husband.

3. Your parents keep minding your business
Since you are staying at theirs, your parents will have the possibility to involve your marriage matters. Limited private space in one roof can raise the chance of parents minding your business too far.

Before co-living with your parents, it is recommended for you to build an understanding between them and your husband. Consequently, good communication can be established between the two parties. Help your spouse to prepare for it by studying the do's and dont's of staying with the in-laws in this article.

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