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The Philosophical Meanings of Javanese Seserahan Items

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Seserahan is one of the most essential processions in the Javanese wedding series. Traditionally, seserahan is proof of the groom's responsibility towards the women he will marry. Thus, the seserahan items are the symbol of various meanings on marriage life through the conventional cultural concept. Here are their meanings:

1. Woman's essentials, such as dress, shoes, jewelry, and make up
A set of woman's kit is considered as a hope that the bride can always appear attractive through her husband's eyes. For the shoes, there is a particular purpose that the couple should have an in-line perspective in life.

2. Suruh ayu and banana
Banana and suruh ayu, or a set of betel leaves, are a symbol of wealth that a groom-to-be bring to his future wife. The betel leaves should be fresh because it represents joy. A leaf that has joint bones is the most ideal because it means that the bride and groom-to-be should meet in prior.

3. Traditional cakes
Sticky-rice based local snacks, such as jenang, lemper, jadah, layered cakes, and so on, represent an expectancy of the long-lasting marriage until death do they apart.

4. Fruits
Seserahan that consists of crops symbolizes wealth, and a hope that the love union brings favors to the families and relatives.

5. Batik cloth and traditional undergarment
These fashion attributes cannot be separated. The batik cloth symbolizes the hope that the husband and wife should be able to keep their secrets. The traditional undergarment (or, stagen in Javanese) defines a strong will to maintain the marriage.

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