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The Major Issues in Wedding Planning

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Wedding planning can be an exciting time for you and your family. Especially if you had envisioned a dream wedding as a little girl, wearing a beautiful wedding dress, holding a pretty bouquet and being the happiest that you can be. However, what happens if you're in the middle of wedding planning and you feel so lost in it that you totally forget to focus on the main reason why you're planning it in the first place, which is to be truthfully married. Some couples had troubles getting things done smoothly in planning their wedding just because they are so focused on the party and end up sweating some stuffs they didn't need to. Let us share with you the three most common issues that gets to a couple, possibly ruining their relationship, and how to fix it.

1. Family affairs

Wedding and marriage is the joining of two families which is easy to say, but quite impossible to do, because two families mean more opinions, more agendas, and a lot of personalities to deal with. You and your fiancé can be at your worst when under the stress this wedding planning can create. Everyone can be drawn to their own agendas, and you two are either in between the agendas or defend each family's agenda.

How to handle this family feud? Remember that both families are only the supportive system to the success of the wedding. The main element still remains - you and your fiancé. Wedding planning is a great transition to a real-married life so it is a great time to start listening to each other and discuss then decide to what's important to both of you.

2. Money, money, money

Setting a wedding budget can be hard and harsh. There are tons of choices out there, from the food caterer, to wedding dress, to the venue. All of those choices can either make the budget or break it. Some couples were trapped in this issue and got very stressed of unnecessary debt. It's ridiculous, right?

To avoid the mess that budgeting could make, first thing to do is to sit down with your partner and figure out what kind of wedding you both want, and how much money you are ready, willing and comfortable spending on the wedding. Then, pick out priorities for the wedding day to be the ones to get detailed attention and to be prioritized financially. If a budget plan is finally made, keep yourself, your fiancé and the money accountable and stick to the budget.

3. Detail-oriented versus Results-oriented

You may never know what kind of bride you thought you're going to be. You thought you're going to say to yourself that "it's just a wedding band that turns out to be so lame and it's just a party, as long as we're married, that's all that matters." But then as soon as the wedding planning starts, you get too caught up in the way you're supposed to do things. You're easily plagued by the thoughts about how other people are going to judge your wedding. And without even realizing it, you've become a Bridezilla who is really stressed being a detail-oriented bride, but you wouldn't have it any other way. So, what is the best way to avoid becoming a Bridezilla? Stay calm. Yes you're tying knot; and yes, you're throwing a party to celebrate your love, but those aren't great reasons for you to be stressed out. Second, keep everything organized and on-track. It's even better if you can delegate things to the people who is skilled and talented in planning a wedding. And last but not least, keep this mantra with you all the time, "Embrace the possibilities, expect the unexpected" and you're good to go!

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