The hardest but most beautiful pre-wedding shots

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It takes a lot of skill, patience and perseverance to achieve fantastic pre-wedding photos. These well-known bridal photographers share with us some of their proudest images that took a serious amount of effort and risk-taking behind-the-scenes. Of course, the payoff is a really amazing photo worthy of an award!

  • Chris Woon, moretopurple

    I took this shot of Aaron and Violette on a summer’s night at London’s Westminster Bridge. It’s a very popular tourist destination so the difficulty was dealing with the huge crowds. We’re waiting for the sun to set and the sky to cast a nice deep blue, at the same time have the Westminster building and clock tower in frame. The challenge for me was to properly light up the couple without anyone blocking the shot. The final result was beautiful plus we even had a London bus in the background!

  • Shaun Tay, Walldrobe Photography

    I took this shot of Daniel and Amy in Brisbane during winter. As there was no one to help me press the shutter, I had to mount the camera on a tripod and set it on a timer. Once I pressed the shutter I sprinted toward the couple, took their sparkler and ran around them to capture the light trail. I repeated the whole process countless times for half an hour to create the perfect circle. I was so giddy after all the running before I finally get the shot I wanted. This image got me second place in the ‘Creative Portrait’ category at the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association awards.

  • Raymond Phang, Raymond Phang Photography

    The biggest challenge of Kok Meng and Si Ying’s shoot was getting the permit to shoot at the National Day full-dress rehearsal at the Float at Marina Bay. The next hurdle was timing the shot perfectly to include the aerial fly-past in the background. We went down to one of the earlier rehearsals to jot down all the timings and do a few practice runs to get the helicopters accurately in the background. On the actual day, we had to test our lights before the shoot to make sure all our equipment ran properly. It was stressful, but totally worth it!

  • Joe Teng, Acapella Photography

    This is my first snowy shoot in Iceland featuring the very brave Aaron and Serene. Getting there, we had to survive a snow storm, dangerous road conditions and fatigue from hours of driving. Hats off to the couple, especially the bride, who had to withstand the -10 deg. Celsius temperature and strong winds while wearing shoulder-baring gowns. The payoff was the amazing pictures!

  • John Lim, John Lim Photography

    The mission was to get the perfect shot of Choon Leng and Christyl at Hanoi’s busiest junction featuring its infamous traffic. The challenge was staying in the middle of the road, hoping we’d be spared. This shot looks simple enough, but it was probably the most difficult and death defying of them all!

  • Kelvin Koh, Lightedpixels Photography

    This cliffside location is one of the highest points on Santorini Island. To capture Han Loon and Angie in perfect light, we had to drive there and trek up by foot. I was a little fearful because to our left was a cliff with a steep drop and narrow road. But when I first saw the view and setting sun, it was just breathtaking and inspiring. Even the bride was moved to tears by the amazing view!


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