The Cinematic Charm of The Pre-wedding Video Directed By Tompi

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  • The Cinematic Charm Of The Pre-wedding Video Directed By Tompi - 001

In general, most pre-wedding videos show a lot of beauty shots. However, Tompi made a different decision. As the director of the pre-wedding video produced by Glymps, which starred Ayla Dimitri and Rama Devara, Tompi decided to highlight the story and the cinematic visuals. A strong plot about two lovers is the focal point of this motion picture.

The song "Cerita Kita" by Tompi has brought the inspiration in making the video. The script also adapted to the most memorable moments of Ayla and Rama as a couple in real life, including conflicts they often face. A setting about their daily routines was captured in artistic and attractive angles. This motion picture creation indeed offers modern brides and grooms a fresh option.

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  • Videography: Glymps

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