The 6 Most Common Pre-Wedding Fights

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Ah, the excitement of having a wedding, getting married to someone you love, the thrill of bringing the dream to reality, all the emotions… But are you also aware that those overwhelming feelings can blow up and cause you to be stuck in an endless argument with your future husband? Let us give you a heads up on the top six pre-wedding fights so that you can be prepared enough to avoid them completely or to resolve them.

1. Money issues
Don't you hate it when everything comes down to money? Sadly, even in something as romantic as a wedding, money can become a cause for a lot of conflicts. To make sure you avoid it completely, you should be clear on how the costs will be managed. You should also make a priority list based on your financial wedding plan and both of you should agree on the list. For example, if you both agree to splurge more on the catering service, then don't insist on buying a dress beyond your budget. Create financial wedding plan, be clear and honest, be in agreement on everything, and stick to the agreed budget.

2. Guest List
It's really about who you want at your wedding, not who you're obligated to invite. If you have a limited guest list, you may want to start with those who are really close to the both of you. Relatives can be considered close enough, but if you don't feel like really know your grandmother's cousin's sons, don't put them on the priority list. You can also filter friends and/or acquaintances to those who still talk to you, at least in the last year.

3. "He doesn't look like he cares!"
You've been busy taking care of everything from creating the color palette, tasting wedding cake samples to visiting the future venue(s) and his passiveness makes you feel like you're planning your wedding on your own. Before you blow up, take a breather, and ask yourself: are you expecting too much of him without realizing that he's a man and most of men are clueless and probably couldn't care less about it? If you want him to be more involved in the wedding planning, find out what he's interested in and let him participate in that part, like let's say, choosing the wedding car or planning your honeymoon. It's important that he doesn't feel that the whole wedding day is 'your day-only'.

4. "I think he cares too much!"
Too much of something can kill the joy, right? Wedding planning is an excellent way to start learning how to prioritize, negotiate, and compromise things with your partner. Split the tasks but keep the communication line between you and him.

5. You're turning into Bridezilla
It happens when all you care about is the wedding and you forget the reason why you're doing this - and that is to be married - your relationship becomes less important. That's not good. Take the time to recompose and remind yourself of the real reason why you're getting married in the first place. Don't let the whole wedding preparation overwhelm you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. And don't sweat the small stuff.

6. The Exes
The past has a way of showing up and some might not like it when it does. If you're feel offended by his ex-girlfriends or vice versa, you should talk about it. But then again, you might want to remember that you have won him, you got his heart, and jealousy shouldn't mess up your big day.

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