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Take Your Wedding to the Enchanting Orient with this Chinoiserie Theme


Chinoiserie is a recurring theme in the European artistic style under Chinese influence. With the rising trend of vintage and deco, the oriental elements has found a spotlight and is now one of the most happening trends in the wedding industry. Famous for its white and blue color, modern weddings have used different colors, like red and gold, to infuse to the theme. See how you can amp up your wedding elegance with these simple steps.

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Photography: Caroline Tran


Put in the classic phoenix pattern or the dragon, if you will, to the design of your invitation. This invite utilizes the red and gold color brilliantly and it looks glamorous as well as vibrant.

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Photography: Via

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Photography: Axioo, Jen Huang

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Photography: Heather Payne, Mango Studios

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Photography: Colin Cowie Weddings, Elizabeth Hodes

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Photography: via Fashion TV, Jodesey

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Photography: Caroline Tran, Cinobi

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Photography: Vintage and Chic Blog

Excited to create your very own chinoiserie wedding? Check out the profiles of The Rainbow Organizer, Amara Universe, Bali Excellent Events, Voilawish Party Designer, and Elssy Design to help you with the planning and decor of your enchanting oriental wedding.

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