Star-Studded Traditional Wedding with Secret Garden Theme

by Bridestory Oct 01, 2015 | 09:00 in Real Weddings 


Intimate, unique, and memorable were the three words Allyssa Hawadi used to describe her wedding to photographer Candi Soeleman, and they couldn't get any truer. Their wedding, which was held on September 20th, was a wholly different setup compared to what we usually find in regular weddings.

The two decided to go with traditional Sundanese processions starting from siraman and ngeyeuk seureuh before moving on to their pengajian, akad, and reception. Rather than booking a venue or hotel, Allyssa and Candi decided to do all this in the comfort of the bride's home and transformed it into a wedding-worthy venue. "I believe it will leave a lasting impression on the guests," Allyssa said. As for the theme, they decided to combine Indonesian culture with a magical secret garden feel, realizing Allyssa's love for natural beauty.

Even though both the bride and groom have long been immersed in the world of weddings, they didn't take theirs lightly. Allyssa even fasted for a week to get that bridal glow and on the day, she really did. Clad in a champagne colored kebaya for her akad, she looked as lovely as ever. Candi's beskap sported a silver color, inducing a calm aura about him.

Their reception was another story. Allyssa wore a lilac colored kebaya while Candi had on a wine colored beskap to greet their guests. The room was truly magical thanks to the talented hands of Daun Daun decoration, and as if there wasn't enough grandeur, their celebrity friends gave out fabulous performances, dazzling all the guests. RAN, Maliq and d'Essentials, Mario Ginanjar, Andien, Vidi Aldiano, Raisa, Neonomora, Tompi along with Ifa and Orchestra livened up the stage with beautiful numbers, serenading the happy couple. Take a closer look at their spectacular wedding album and read a story straight from the joyful bride.

Something from the blushing bride:

I first met Candi when I did the make up for my sister's engagement party, in which he was the photographer. Having worked around countless weddings in just about every hotel and venue in Jakarta, both of us wanted a place that no one has ever had a wedding in. So we chose my home and the empty lawn next to it and transformed them into our own magical secret garden. We loved how the wedding turned out to be, it was so intimate and entertaining. All our performer friends, as well as our vendors, gave their best. We believed that we left our wedding in such good hands so we didn't feel any pressure during the planning process. One thing about a home wedding is that it's actually more complicated than hotel weddings. You have to think about parking space, air conditioning, lighting, décor, home security, not to mention neighborhood permits and logistics. If you're having a home wedding, make sure you hire a wedding planner, and if possible don't include any of your best friends or family. Let them be your guests and just enjoy the day.


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