Spring 2016 Wedding Color Trend from Pantone

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Just recently, Pantone released the fashion color report for Spring 2016, describing it as "a transporting and transformative canvas". It is also said by Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director for Pantone, that this season's color transports us to a happier, sunnier place where we can feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves. Curious about the colors that fit the description? Here they are.

The colors of this season are somehow perfectly balanced. The vivid colors radiate excitement and spirit, while the tranquil ones set an aura of stability and calmness. As lovely as they all look on fashion pieces and couture, to us, there is no better way to celebrate these colors than to create a wedding color palette for each. Slide through and see how much beauty these colors can bestow on the wedding elements they touch.

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    Rose Quartz

    First of the pack is Rose Quartz. The color is described as persuasive yet gentle, conveying compassion and a sense of composure. As it is a shade of pink, this color appeals strongly to romantic brides everywhere. If you have longed for a fairy-tale wedding filled with feminine elements, this color might be for you. Rose Quartz can be combined with a shade of gold or rose gold to light up its charm and of course, bring its glam to another level, and this is a classic combo that succeeds every single time.

  • Photography: Jen Rodriguez - via Brides.com - Feather and Stone - via Justinviteme.com - jen Huang - Jessica Burke

    Peach Echo

    A shade of orange, Peach Echo makes it to the list of the top ten colors for next year. This warm color evokes friendliness, warmth, and accessibility, which immediately remind us of a bride with a warm and welcoming personality. We chose a shade of navy to really make the peachy tone pop and balanced it with hints of bright white here and there. For a more glamorous approach, pairing it with silver or gold works like a charm.

  • Photography: via fabmood.com - Corbin Gurkin - Julie Cate - Kelsey Combe - 2 Brides Photography


    A lighter shade of blue that is inspired by the sky, Serenity, as its name suggests, comforts with a calming effect and provides a feeling of airiness. This one brings to mind a bride that enjoys spending time with loved ones yet finds treasure in her quiet solitude. To complement the color, you can combine it with tobacco brown to emit an earthy feel. To glam it up a little more, you can upgrade the brown to a rich bronze color that will work as nice with Serenity.

  • Photography: O'Malley Photographers - Graham Terhune - Taylor Barnes - Aaron and Jillian - Robin van Dyke - Diana McGregor

    Snorkel Blue

    A darker shade of blue, Snorkel Blue comes from the navy family with a happier, more energetic aura. The navy shade in general is already very popular in the wedding world, so it is all about playing with color combinations to get the desired effect. To get a really unique wedding find a color combination that speaks your personality and also looks easy on the eyes, you can consult your vendors for this as they would gladly help you with choosing a palette that is truly you. Coming back to the classic look, we pair this color with a shade of gold to bring in glamour to the whole mood board. Other colors that would work well with this shade are bright yellow, a shade of red, white, or bronze.

  • Photography: Jose Villa - Natalie Watson - Joey Kennedy - Lauren Kinsey - Chaz Cruz


    Now for some bright contrast, here comes Buttercup. A shade of bright yellow, this color is said to be able to transport its wearer (or in this case a wedding) to a happier, sunnier place. Surely enough, the bride that wears this color is one that’s happy and sunny, radiating warmth wherever she goes. If the description reminds you of yourself, then this color might be the one to offer. Going natural with the mood board, we pair Buttercup with Cella Green and Bright White, as inspired by a blooming sunflower garden.

  • Photography: Sweet Tea Photography - Maria Lamb - Charlie Juliet - Alea Lovely - Stewart Lesihman - Jose Villa - Honey Honey Photography

    Limpet Shell

    A shade of aqua that leans toward green, the Limpet Shell is clear, clean, and defined. Closely associated with the Tiffany color, this classic color will appeal to brides all around. Pair the Limpet Shell with a soft tone of Seashell Pink for a beautiful feminine approach. For a bolder look, pair it with Snorkel Blue and for a glam option, with bronze or gold.

  • Photography: Jenny Yoo - Megan Clouse - via wantthatwedding.co.uk - Jessica Burke - via monceribridals.com - Koby and Teriilyn Brown

    Lilac Gray

    A neutral and modern twist to a classic is Lilac Gray. Basically a mixture of purple and gray, the Lilac Gray lies somewhere in the intersection of the two shades. If this color seems new to you, worry not. Some brides may not realize that this color exists, as there are a lot of other colors that are more popping and more trending than this one. Yet trust us, with the right use and application this color will enhance class and elegance of any wedding, especially if you love purple and gray hues. Pair with a shade of purple and enhance it with hints of gold for a fine finish.

  • Photography: Greg Finck - Krista A. Jones - via wantthatwedding.co.uk - Aaron Delesie - Deer Pearl Flowers - Ruth Eileen, Melanie Nedelko


    Strong, fiery, and free-spirited, Fiesta provides contrast to the season’s array of soft colors. Being a shade of red, which means luck and good fortune in some cultures, this shade will be perfect for you brides with traditional processions incorporated in the wedding. Just because you’re having traditional rituals in your big day doesn’t mean you can’t do it with style. Pairing Fiesta with white will very much enhance its bold qualities. Other color options would be Snorkel Blue, gold, marsala, or cream.

  • Photography: Peaches and Mint - via Brides.com - via onefabday.com - Koby and Terilyn Brown - via Brides.com - via Colin Cowie Weddings

    Iced Coffee

    Iced Coffee is another strong neutral with an unquestioned earthy quality. With the popularity of rustic weddings, this color is your go-to option in that it evokes a rustic feel the wedding needs. For a classic option, pair this color with shades of white and green to create an all-natural palette. To add a bit of color, the Pink Flambé is one pairing you can consider. Another great thing about this palette is that it’s versatile enough to fit with a great range of colors, meaning you can experiment before pinning two or three colors as your wedding color palette.

  • Photography: Corbin Gurkin - Sally Pinera - Alexandra Grace - Jose Villa - Heather Cook Elliot - Chard Photographer - onelove photography

    Green Flash

    The Green Flash is one color that might not be every bride’s fancy, but if this color excites you, then an interesting exploration of this radical color is what you will get. Green Flash is described as a representative of nature’s persistent influence even in urban environments. For this color, pairing it with gold and white will create a fabulous take on the color. Another option will be to pair it with Snorkel Blue, Limpet Shell, even Serenity for a harmonious balance.


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