Renovating Your First House: Dos and Don’ts For Newlyweds

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After getting hitched, you'll face yet another exciting journey—renovation. Renovation may sound daunting, but a little advice can go a long way to ensure that it goes as smooth as possible. We reached out to Qanvast, Singapore's go-to home renovation platform, to share some dos and don'ts that will help you to tide through one of the biggest milestones of your newlywed life. Read them below!

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Do your research on budget and interior style

The best time to start researching is actually one year before your key collection! Once you have a budget in mind, start looking for financing options if needed. Consider the type of property, scale of renovation that needs to be done, and new design features when planning your budget.

Remember to separate your budget for furniture and appliances. Adjust your furniture budget depending on the interior you have in mind—does it require extensive carpentry or loose furniture pieces? To figure out your style, put together a mood board of interior design and décor images that you like. This will help your interior designer to get an idea of the look you're going for.

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Don't make assumptions

They say assumption is the mother of all mess-ups. While you can trust your interior designer to get things done, visit the property once a week to make sure things are going well. That said, your designer should be sending regular and timely updates in the first place. Keep a to-do list to monitor the progress of your renovation, and keep track of all the ongoing works. Being organized will pay off and help you maintain your sanity!

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Do consider long term practicality

It's easy to get carried away with big, bold, crazy ideas. Before making any major decisions, think of whether you'll still like the design in one, five, or ten years' time. Is it practical? Will it be unused after a couple of years? If you're unsure, sleep on it and consult your interior designer. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and flooring will take up a big portion of the renovation budget, so think them through carefully. For example, where should your power points be placed, or, is moving the sink really necessary?

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Don't skimp on quality

Chances are, you'll stay in your new abode for years to come. Using sturdy, quality materials for your renovation will ensure that it survives the wear and tear of daily life. Areas to use higher-end materials in include your kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms. Get your interior designer to suggest materials that are suitable for your lifestyle and budget. Investing in good quality materials and workmanship will not only ensure a spiffy home that lasts, but also maintain or even increase your home's value for potential buyers in the future.

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Do be flexible

Always manage your expectations. Along your renovation journey, there may be compromises, hiccups, and speed bumps. Keep an open mind to your interior designer's design solutions and suggestions.

While they will try to keep everything going as planned, understand that some things are simply beyond their control. Prepare a back-up fund, so you can be flexible if anything goes wrong. Note that getting approval and permits from the management requires time and may set you back a bit.

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Don't get overwhelmed

Seems like a lot to take in? Don't worry, you have each other! Split up the responsibilities between your partner and yourself. For instance, he can take care of the financial aspects, while she does all things design. Work according to your strengths! Also, don't let the numerous options overwhelm you. Consult your interior designer and don't let others confuse you with too many ideas or opinions. Once decided, stick to the plan! Fickle-mindedness can be costly.

Renovation is a fun, rewarding process that will draw the two of you closer. The possibilities are endless! At the end of it, you'll have the perfect cot to unwind in at the end of a long work day.

Need some ideas for your upcoming renovation? Check out Qanvast for a comprehensive stream of local home interior designs, homeowners' reviews, and renovation costs. You can also connect with interior designers who fit your and budget when you drop in a quote request. Download their free app from App Store or Google Play.

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